Saturday, May 29, 2010

my graduate

isn't she lovely? I'm so proud. :)

Since I only have a fixed lens for my camera, and my point and shoot didn't like the lighting, I have ZERO pictures from the actual ceremony. So afterward I had her put on a few of her "props" and snapped a few pictures. :)

and then we found a few of her favorite people to remember from High Five:

Lillian with Luke, who we heard and awful lot about through the year. "he's very nice and he is really kind to me, and he makes really good choices." :)

the three musketeers: Lillian, Gianna, and Alyssa

her Tues/Thurs teacher, Mrs. Hill

getting a hug from her Mon/Wed/Fri teacher, Mrs. Williams

Mrs. Williams again. she told Judy, "Here's one I'm really going to miss. She's a special girl. She's one to watch...she's gonna be something." I couldn't agree more. :)

I have never for one single day regretted keeping Lillian in High Five instead of sending her to kindergarten. She's had such GREAT teachers, and her class was so small and the kids were so great. I met some other great moms, and best of all, Lillian got to go to a place where God was glorified in everything they did. I feel so blessed that she was a part of this program.

I can't believe that nine months ago she'd never been to school, ever. And starting next year, she'll be there all day every day for the next 13 years. oh my gosh...wasn't she just born????


Anonymous said...

I think my pregnant, emotional self would have handled these much better if Lillian hadn't just told me on the phone that I could have the other half of her best friend necklace. She is so old and so sweet! I wish we could have been there!


Mandarina said...

Yes... yes she was just born, because I was just throwing you a baby shower in Spain. How did this happen??? She is just so beautiful and full of sunshine. You are a lucky, lucky, lucky mama.

Corinne Doughan said...

Okay first of all ... Maria is PREGNANT!?!?! YAY!!

Second of all ... I cannot BELIEVE how much Lillian has grown up. What a little lady!!!

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

She is so sweet, Andrea, you are doing such a good job as a mom.

Look at who she's becoming!

Elder Family said...

Great times! Congrats to Lillian, and I am so happy that you took some time for you and Steve (your next post) is something David and I really struggle with making the time for.