Monday, May 17, 2010

ah, tulip festival....

Hard to believe that another tulip festival is over...

This year I was quite sad thinking about only being there for one day. For the past few years, we've been there every day, taking part in lots of different festivities. This year, since Lillian had school and Steve had to work, we had to do it all in ONE day.

and we did.

We arrived in OC at about 1:30 am, put the kids to bed, and unloaded the stuff. We woke up early to make it to the fly-in pancake breakfast, and got there just before the line got to be forever loving long.

and good thing too, because we left there just in time for me to head home and get my costume on. I had a reunion brunch for all the past queens and courts, and of course they prefer that we wear our costumes. So I get ready, rush around, etc. etc. and walk outside to find the kids and help them get dressed. As soon as I walked out there, Lillian came RUNNING to me and with her big huge brown eyes as wide as can be, she says, "MOMMY! You're beautiful! I can't believe it! You're the prettiest mommy EVER! I LOVE it, Mommy!"

and in that moment, my heart melted into a big pile of ooze, and I didn't care one single bit that I can no longer button all the buttons on the jacket, or even THINK about wearing the underskirt that was made for my 18 year old body, or that every year I find something else that doesn't fit. (this year it was my necklace. how weird is that. I gained weight in my NECK.) in that moment, I felt beautiful, because in her eyes, I was. :)

so off I went to the brunch, and then met up with the family a bit later. I checked on the pinkadink stuff in the store, and realized I should head over to Steve's parents to pick up the extra stuff I brought. The stuff is selling REALLY well there! I'm so excited!

and by that time it was time to head over to line up for the parade. They asked those of us at the reunion to walk beside the float that some of the older past queens and court members were on, and since Maria wasn't feeling quite up to it, I recruited Brielle to walk with me, or ride in the buggy at least.

After our walk in the parade Brielle was sleeping, so we sat in the grass and watched the rest of the parade. It felt so good to just SIT for a bit (and it was quite entertaining watching Maria and Tyler and Mel take turns chasing after Hazel). :)

And, ya know, since we only had ONE day at the festival, there was no such thing as a "good time" to get poffertjes. So Maria and I waited in line for probably like 40 minutes or so to get our hands on the deliciousness that comes around ONCE a year. what a shame... And they didn't disappoint. And did the price go DOWN? I thought they were three bucks last year, but this year they were TWO bucks! now come on, wouldn't you rather have TWO orders of poffertjes than ONE ride on a carousel? seriously...

ok, so after filling up (well, not really) on those, we headed back to the house. I think I have some sort of disorder where things flip INSTANTLY. for example, I was totally fine sitting in the sun, in my costume, eating good food, and talking with family, and then in an INSTANT I was like "holy moly. I gotta go. like, now. I gotta go home." and I got tired and hot and crabby and selfish all at once. I grabbed two kids and just left my husband in the middle of his conversation to catch up with us later. Because my disorder kicked in. and I HAD to leave at that very second.

anyway, so we got a little snooze in, and then drove over to Maria's so we could catch the float that gets parked right by her house. Well, since the float is always at the end of the parade, and the parades are always very long, we thought we'd take some time to snap a few pictures. so we head to the side of the house and snap away, trying to corral the kids into the same area, which was quite UNsuccessful. And steve says, "hey...isn't that your float?" and points down at the end of the alley where our float is driving down the street.

well, since we only have ONE day for the festival this year, and this is the ONE chance Lillian gets to ride it, she takes off running and we all follow. Lillian and Josiah were yelling "wait! stop! and sprinting after it, while Maria and I chugged along behind them carrying the babies, and the husbands chugged along with us too I think. So the lady on the float hears the kids yelling, and after chasing it for a couple blocks, we finally see her ask the driver to stop, and we all climbed aboard, exhausted. :)

after the parade, we realized we had to take some better pictures by the tulips, so we headed over to the courthouse where more unsuccessful attempts at getting the kids together occurred. But oh well, we got a few, and can't really blame the kids for not wanting to sit and smile.

and just as we're on our way to the van to go HOME to BED, Lillian reminds Grandma that they didn't get to go on a ride. We had considered buying tickets so the big kids could each go on ONE ride, but then Grandma decided to get them tickets so that all the kids could go on TWO rides. So, off we went to the rides, and good times were had by all. :)

We finally got the kids home, and Steve and I went on a little TF date. and...I think I'll save that for another post, because this one is crazy long and I'm still trying to recover from the busy weekend and I need to go take a nap. or watch friday night lights, or something that doesn't involve getting sore forearms from resting on the edge of the desk while I chronicle the events of the tulip festival, which could just as easily be done by copying and pasting last year's post about the tulip festival.

but there you have it, but without pictures. because like I said, I've got "stuff" to do. :) I'll add the pictures later, or you can check them out on my facebook page. so stay tuned for the tulip festival date night post....coming soon(ish).


The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Glad you guys got to come for one day! Even if it was long (:

Melia said...

i'm laughing out loud at your 'neck' comment...i feel the EXACT same way and have wondered for awhile if i'm the only one :)