Thursday, May 6, 2010

this little piggy...


Today is the second day that Brielle has been able to wear the cute little low pig tails that I've been waiting 21 months to see on her.

She looks so big.
She IS so big.
She is so old. my little baby...

Here are a few shots of the new 'do! Don't mind the yogurt on the shirt, or the awkward bang type hairs that are never going to grow, forever giving her a mullet look. :) She looks perfect. Perfectly Brielle. :)

*yes, I'm definitely her mother if I don't see anything weird about posting two almost identical pictures of her. I see the differences, even if you don't. And I really want both on here. :)


The Yellow Door Paperie said...

BOTH pictures are super cute!

And they grow, Isabel had some hard core short bang things... (:

cynthia said...

sweetness :)