Wednesday, May 12, 2010

nice, Walgreens....nice.

Did you hear that awful commercial on the radio for Walgreens right before Mother's Day? It was terrible. It went something like this:

"We're here with Johnny to prove that we can find something for every mom for Mother's Day here at Walgreens. So tell us, Johnny, what does your mom like to do?"

"My mom likes to tell my dad to get off his duff and help a little more and...."

(interrupting) "OKAY, well, then Johnny, I bet your mom would love this bubble bath for a chance to relax."

It really just made me want to cry. I'm sure it's a reality for many people, but is it really something we need to be mocking on the radio?

This is NOT a post to tell you how wonderful my husband is, because you all already know that. :)

But it IS a post to remind us as wives that people are listening to how we talk about our husbands. So often tv and movies and I guess now radio too make the men out to be these big idiots who don't know anything, and don't do anything, or whatever. And if you haven't noticed it yet, I hope you do now. Men are always wrong on commercials, always the ones looking stupid. Because we all know that if they made women out to look like that, all hell would break loose on the feminist front. And that's GOOD. But it's NOT good for nobody to stand up and say all men are not like that.

So that's my challenge I guess. Ladies, let's make sure we're talking about how great our husbands or fathers or friends are. I'm not sure if I'm more disgusted at the husband in the situation, or the wife for saying that, or Walgreens for mocking it. I know it's not real, that it's a commercial. But somewhere it's real.

and that's sad.


Corinne Doughan said...

Preach it!

theKband said...

Amen! When I have talked about that before, I always give "Everyone Loves Raymond" as an example. Commercials, TV shows, all kinds of mediums... And we're supposed to raise good, strong, godly men. Where are they going to see examples in media?