Thursday, May 27, 2010


it's been a problem filled week at the Hydeens....

First of all, the washer had been leaking for quite some time, and I finally just googled Omaha appliance repair and had someone come look at it. It's not something that I'm used to yet, living in Omaha- calling some random person that you don't know and don't know anyone else who knows them either, inviting them into my house where my children are, while Steve's at work. It gives me sort of a funny feeling, but it had to be done.

So the guy from All Appliance shows up and checks out the washer and says " much do you like your washer?" and I say "um...why? do we need a new one?" and he tells me that the leak can be fixed, but that's not really the biggest problem. and that to fix it all would cost over 300 bucks and then we'd still have a really old washer. So I asked him what to do about billing, and about buying a new one, and he gave great advice for buying a new one, and even said he was going to say that we called and canceled so we wouldn't be charged for him to just come look at it! I was very impressed with this guy, and would totally call the company and give rave reviews for him, except, I "canceled" so he was never really here.... ;)

Steve and I went off in search of a new washer, and decided to go brand new as opposed to used, which is something we almost NEVER do. Long story short, we ended up at two different Lowe's to find the one we got, and are very impressed so far. The best part about it is that we got a front loader, which spins faster, and the clothes are much dryer when they come out, so then they only take ONE round in the dryer, which we're hoping to NOT replace any time soon. yay!

well, right before the guys hooked up the new one, I snuck (apparently that's not a word, but what is it then, sneaked? ah, yep, no more squiggly...) back there to clean up a bit, and wipe down the wall where a bit of mold was growing because the sheet rock and soaked up water from the washer leaking all the time. NICE. anyway, so I'm wiping the wall when suddenly my hand was like inside the wall, and possibly even inside the garage. The whole thing just fell apart while I wiped. UGH. so now we need to replace that part of the wall too. Good thing my dad can do it, and while we have him here, maybe we'll finish up the painting around the house too! fun!

and believe it or not, we have one more problem to deal with. Last week Steve was gone to Maryland for work, so I had to mow. Well, I ran out of gas while I mowed, so I filled up the gas tank with the little red gas can thing. makes sense, right? well, it didn't start right away, but eventually it did and I finished mowing. So I called steve the other day and asked if I should mow again, bc it's crazy long, and he's not around much to do it. So he says, "well, we're out of gas." and I say, "no, I just filled it." and he says "with what?" and I say "the little red gas can." and he says "the LITTLE red gas can or the BIG red gas can?" and I say "the red gas can that had gas in it....I don't know." so he explains that one is for the mower, and one is for the weed whacker, and I used the wrong gas. and I said, "Welll.... maybe we should MARK them with a MOWER and a WEED WHACKER label so that we know the difference!" Isn't that a good idea?

So now I just got done dumping the "wrong" gas out of the mower and into a dish tub thing, and I'll take the BIG red gas tank to the gas station and fill it up so I can mow again. And my dad said it'll probably smoke a little from the oil that was in there, and we might need to replace our spark plugs on the mower...or something...we'll see how this all goes.

Let's just hope that we're problem free for the rest of the week, and heck, I'll even hope for the weekend!


Rachel said...

Ah...welcome to homeownership. And don't worry about strange men being in your house, we've probably had 25 strange men in our new house, and we've only lived here 6 months!

Jantina said...

I laughed at your mower dilemma... a few years ago I poured gas into the oil compartment in our mower and actually had to take our mower in to be fixed b/c of the damage I did. Still not sure how I managed to do that! LOL And I probably should have just bought a new mower after paying that bill!

Raegen & Crew said...

Ahh - I LOVE reading your blogs! You sum up my life just about every time I read one!
The washer thing - been there! In a different sense but still happened.
The mower! HA! IS there ANY family out there that hasn't dealt with the confusion of gas gas/oil combo?!?!? We've even labeled the cans and still have issues!
Glad to hear that lik a good Dutch girl you took the project into your own hands and powered through to fix it! :)