Wednesday, June 2, 2010

problem free weekend! yay!

so, not only did the week end without any more expensive problems, but it even got better and better all the way through the weekend!

On Friday was Lillian's graduation, so it was fun to have some extra family around for the day. On Saturday we had a day to get some stuff done, and had a fun evening at our friends' house, grilling out and watching the kids play. Highlight of the night for the kids--trying to soak their parents (or their friends' parents)with water balloons! (somehow I managed to stay dry. I must have perfected my "don't even think about it" face) :)

Sunday after church Steve's mom came up, and the two of us headed off to Ankeny for an improv show. We stopped for supper at my friends' parents house, and indulged in the best leftovers EVER--burgers (like, freaking awesome ones), chips, watermelon, and a salad. It was SO good!

After that my friend Andrea and I went to the improv show. It's not very often that I get a chance to watch the improv shows anymore, so it was fun. And then after THAT we went back to the house for some rhubarb crisp. yum.

Steve's mom was so great to spend the night with the kids so we could stay overnight in Des Moines. We debated doing it for a few minutes, and then in an INSTANT realized we needed to. Ya know, we sat there thinking about all the money we had to spend lately, and the fact that I didn't have any income for the month of May, and all the other "money" thoughts that so easily bombard our minds. And then it was like someone schmucked me over the head. If we make it work to spend money on other things that need upkeep and improvements, WHY wouldn't we see our marriage as something worth spending a little money on as well? We don't do it very often (we hope for a couple times a year) and thanks to, we even got a great deal (just over half price) for a nice room at a nice place. And it was definitely worth it.

We didn't really even do that much, ya know? we watched Dear John while trying desperately not to fall asleep during what could be the MOST BORING thing I've ever paid money for ever, thinking that a nice little romance movie would be great for the date. nice idea, but it just didn't work with that movie. holy moly. Don't watch it. Thankfully we got it PPV, so as soon as the credits rolled we could give in to our sleepiness.

And on Monday we slept in til like 10 and then had an early lunch at the Cheesecake factory (always a treat bc it reminds us of the summer we were engaged and working in Rhode Island, and went on a few dates to Providence and ate there). And sitting there in the Jordan Creek Cheesecake Factory, I experienced a bit of heaven, by the name of AVOCADO EGGROLLS. Seriously people, I'm going to start a weekly "meeting" for something I have yet to think of at the Cheesecake Factory here. And each week I will scrounge around and find ten bucks for the best appetizer EVER. Avocados, sun dried tomatoes, cilantro, and onion, all wrapped up in a fried eggroll shell thing.

After that we did a bit of shopping. Sounds nice, but it was a bit stressful for this shopping-hater. I had a mini panic attack upon entering the mall, but survived the day and even bought a few things. I had to call my sister to find out if I'm allowed to shop in places like Forever 21 or Wet Seal. I too old for those stores? Will I find anything I would even consider wearing in there? She told me that if I want to be cool I can shop in there. Too bad I didn't find anything to buy though. I guess that confirms that I'm not cool. too bad. But thank goodness for Ann Taylor Loft, and even more for a 40% off the whole store sale for Memorial Day. (Because clearly, the men who gave their lives for our freedom did it so we can memorialize them by shopping.) So anyway, I got a couple items that get me a couple days more before saying "I don't have ANYTHING to wear!" but that's the way it is...

So after shopping, we had a lovely drive back. I love driving with Steve, just for the chance to sit and talk, and click through all this millions of songs on the ipod til I get to one that I recognize. It was very much in my mind that day that there are so many wives now widowed because of the sacrifice their husbands made. And I know I've said it before, but I'm SO THANKFUL that there are men and women out there who feel called to serve our country. And SO THANKFUL that my husband is not one of them. I'm specifically thinking of Jessica and Natalie right now (who probably don't even read this blog), but I'm sure I know more military wives as well. You women amaze me, and I'm so grateful for the sacrifices your families go through, so that we can live the way we do.

We ended the day with supper with Carla and some shopping for the kids (THANKS, GRANDMA!).

so, my wish came true for no more problems,for the rest of the week AND the weekend. I am feeling so blessed. :)

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Melinda said...

I just bought Dear John online...I NEVER buy myself movies. I love it that much. What version did you see??? :)