Thursday, February 9, 2012

the kidnapping talk

Have you seen the story in the news about some guy who tried to kidnap a girl in WalMart? Well, experts are saying that she was certainly trained in "stranger danger" and knew what to do. And that we should all make sure our kids know what to do.

Well, I knew it would probably freak them out, but I thought I better have a talk to the kids. We talked about how to wiggle and wiggle, and kick and scream. and bite and poke eyeballs and kick in the private area. and scream, and keep screaming and wiggling.

Lillian and Brielle thought it was hilarious that i was giving them permission to 'kick him where it counts.' But Josiah wasn't laughing (and it's not because he's a boy). He was thinking. hard. and I knew questions or comments would come later.

and they did.

things like, "mama, what if I wake up in the morning and I'm in jail because a bad guy took me?" and other questions that really made no sense, but he must have made connections somehow.

and then things like "what if a bad guy tries to take me?"

and my favorite: "well, what if a bad guy tries to take Brielle? then, maybe, I'll let the bad guy take me too, so then I can grab Brielle's arm and we can run away."

melt. my. heart.