Wednesday, May 5, 2010

busy busy busy

okay, so after my last two posts, I won't be surprised if CPS shows up at my house to make sure I'm taking care of my kids while dealing with my bipolar disorder. (not to mock mental illness, because it's a very real thing...) But sersiously, you're probably wondering after the high and low within just a few days.

But the blahs are nothing a little productivity and time with sisters can't cure! This past weekend was so great!

A couple weekends ago Lillian called Maria to invite her and Hazel to come to Omaha for the weekend. Well, Maria had obligations that weekend, and just to not break Lillian's heart, mentioned something about coming the following weekend. You can't really do that anymore in this house, say something and not follow through. Lillian takes everyone at thier word, so you better believe she was planning on Maria coming this past weekend. So I called Maria inquiring if Lillian was right, all the while Lillian is saying in my ear "yep! Mom! Maria said last time that she'd come next week, so she's definitely coming!" So Maria kept her word and made a last minute trip down here with the Haze. :)

After the kids were in bed, Maria and I went to Lowe's. I had a coupon for 25 dollars off a purchase of 'I-forget-how-many dollars' that expired on that day, so you better believe I was getting the screen door that I'd been waiting a LONG time for. And then I felt like I had a "free" 25 bucks to spend to make a display thing I've been wanting to make for the pinkadink. So I got all the supplies I needed, and off we went, with some serious ambition to save 97 bucks by installing the door ourselves the next day.

Mel came for the day on Saturday, and Steve was gone doing improv at the Renaissance Festival, so the three of us took it upon ourselves to do the door. And we did it. It took almost the whole freaking afternoon, but we did it! And it looks great! The worst part was getting the OLD door off, but after only ONE broken drill bit and a trip to two different neighbors' houses to borrow stuff, we got it done. see?

And I also finished my pinkadink project, and it's so cute! I just can't wait for my hooks to come so I can get all my product up and organized so I have a better idea of what I have and what I need to order.

And THEN, we also changed out the light in the entryway of our house. The two things that bothered us most about our living room were the lighting and the lack of air flow. And this new light helps SO MUCH with the lighting, because there are THREE lights, and they face UP, as opposed to the one light facing down (that didn't look nearly as cool either!). So in one weekend, we have a nice breezy and bright living room! Steve put that light up like a pro. A while back we replaced two ceiling fans in the kids' rooms that either didn't work for the light or the fan, and we got "5 minute fans" (literally, that was the name) and installed them ourselves. And let's just say that it took about 4 and a half hours for the first one, and a bit less for the second one. :) But all that experience with changing out lights and electric work and stuff prepared us for this weekend where my hubby performed like a champ! It probably took about 20 minutes to get this light up once we got started. and we LOVE it!

Okay, so the rest of the house looks a bit neglected, but we feel great about the stuff we got done! now we just have to get our van and our washer fixed, and we'll be set for a while. Not to say that we won't try tackle a few more projects in the coming weekends, but hopefully we'll be done with money-spending projects. :)

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Kim said...

We have that same light above our dining room table. We have such GREAT taste I am telling you. Isn't it such a great feeling to get things crossed off the list. Way to go!