Friday, May 7, 2010

twin car!

Okay, so last year, the kids had discussions about "twin cars" EVERY TIME we'd drive ANYWHERE. I never did blog about it, but it's recently come up again (and again and again) and I'm so fascinated by it that I just have to post.

So keep in mind, this all started when Josiah was TWO.

This is how "twin car" works:

A) Lillian sees a car that is the same colors as, say, Auntie Mel's car, and says, "There's Auntie Mel's twin car!" And Josiah says, "no, that's not her twin car!" because it's not a Ford Fusion.


B) Josiah sees a Honda Odyssey, of any particular color, and says, "There's our twin van!" And Lillian says, "no, that's not our twin van! It's not the right color!"

And it's CRAZY because I really think it's the difference between boys and girls. I mean, I'm not kidding you. Josiah knows the make and model of car of EVERYONE he knows. He may not be able to tell you, but he sure as heck can point it out. And has BEEN able to since he was TWO years old! He pays NO attention to color in the "twin car game," and must only notice the make and model. And Lillian doesn't have a clue what make or model anyone drives. She only knows (and cares about) the color.

anyway, it's totally fascinating finding differences like that between them. Not all the differences are so obvious, but gosh, I about fall over every time Josiah points out someone's car. Elliot's car, Mel's car, Judy's car, every single F-150 that drives by, our neighbor Travis's car, the list never ends....


Wanda said...

Oh my goodness...your kids are looking so grown up..especially Brielle...she isn't a baby anymore..I love your Chipotle story..the fun of being a mom with 3,4, or 5 kids...sometimes I wonder how Sharon and I managed all of our kids too...I love you!
and great job putting on a screen girls are amazing!!

Angela Kim said...

what? How many time has he ever SEEN Elliot's car?!?! I can't think of any! OH, Christmas last year?

For the record, i don't think it's just a "boy" thing--Elliot wouldn't know the first thing about makes or models. Josiah's a genius! :) Though, Elliot could name all the CARS characters :)