Wednesday, January 6, 2010

shopping sucks

I hate shopping. hate it.

I have tried on about 50 pairs of jeans in the last few weeks, and NONE of them fit like my beloved AE jeans that they no longer make. And I don't think it's because i'm not very far into my "fit again" plan. It's a problem I've had my whole life, even when I WAS fit. Jeans just don't fit me. The waist is huge if the legs fit, and if the waist fits, I wouldn't know it, because I can't get them up past my knees. And I think I have a pretty average size body. Apparently not average shape though, or they'd have more jeans that fit me. And I have a range of sizes that I wear, depending on the brand, and the cut, and all that. So shopping is just torture.

I don't want teenager jeans. I don't want "mom jeans." I just want my favorite boyfriends. they were perfect. (until the upper thigh holes appeared anyway.) they were the only pair I've EVER loved.

and the kicker...
I was out tonight (braving the cold and wind because my need for jeans is consuming my every thought) by myself, browsing through the store, on the phone with my sister. I picked up a pair of jeans for steve that said the right number on them. then I proceeded to try on NINE pairs of jeans in a variety of sizes. And I left with two pairs, not because they fit well or because I liked them, but because I need something to wear on my bottomside.

okay, so anyway, I bought one pair of jeans for steve because they were the right size. and they'll probably fit him, this ONE pair I got. Because that's how it is for guys. They have a size, and that size fits them. and I want to be a guy.

but in the meantime, and forever, I'll continue to search until I find something similar to my favorite boyfriend AE jeans. (and no, their current favorite boyfriend jeans are NOT what I'm talking about.) and I'll cry. big sad teardrop shaped tears over the loss of what will never again be.

and I'll continue to hate shopping.

Oh, but just for the record, I just had steve try on his jeans. and they didn't fit him. Which makes me mad and glad. mad because much of this post (about me wanting to be a guy with a number that fits) doesn't mean anything anymore, and glad because it would have driven me crazy to witness it once again if they would have fit.


jenlar3 said...

I feel your pain, and have experienced the same thing. Now, I throw all kinds of clothes in the shopping cart, pay for them with a credit card, try them on AT HOME, and return everything that doesn't work. Much less stress for me that way. Good luck with your future jean shopping endeavors.

Melia said...

have you tried trouser jeans? they are wider in the leg, so you could get them to fit your waist and the rest should go fine. just a thought :)

Michelle said...

I am so right there with you! I hate shopping for any kind of jeans/pants. They never fit and look nice at the same time! My hubby can try on 3 pairs and walk out with 2 of them because they fit. Not fair! :) Hope you find something that works. (At least you live reasonably close to the stores if you need to return them. The stores are an hour away from when I am.....) Good luck and you have my sympathy!

Anonymous said...

darn! i forgot to give you the jeans that don't fit me (that are the exact same style, brand, and size of my jeans that do fit me). i'll try get those to you next time i have a chance. and i'm still not sure why neither of us have started our own line of jeans since we've had this problem since we were 13. can you add that to the pinkadink please??


Amanda said...

Ugh. I feel your pain, too, Andrea. Jean-shopping is the WORST. And AE is the worst about changing their dang styles all the time! Have you tried New York & Company? Sometimes they have reasonably priced jeans made for people who are no longer teens:) My last pair that I liked cost a fortune at the Buckle, and now sometimes I don't like them...sigh. Depends on the day.

Corinne Doughan said...

Preach it!!!

What I'm wondering is why (if there are so many women having this problem ... and I'm sure there are a lot more than we know) haven't the jean companies changed their designs!!!

Oh and the too big waist thing and the can't get them over my knees thing ... have you been spying on me while I go jean shopping?!!! :)

Another problem is if I go with something like a trouser jean then my larger bottom half becomes even larger and I'm even more disproportionate (and the fact that I've gone down TWO cup sizes when I stopped nursing has not helped AT ALL).

I feel your pain Andrea.

Gered and Gina said...

I'm joining the feel your pain club. Maurice's used to have some draw string waist jeans - pure genius. But not anymore. Sadly, after having the twins my waist must be bigger because I'm not having that problem so badly anymore. Part bummer, part blessing. So my suggestion would be for you to have a couple more kids. Let me know how that works out for you. :)

PS: I do like other Maurice's brand jeans, though. They come in something besides "Ultra low rise!"

Rachel said...

OK. I had the EXACT same problem last year. The ONLY jeans that fit me are from the GAP....and even then it's iffy, they fit OK, not great. I totally hear ya.

Lesson: When you find a pair of jeans that fit buy five pairs!