Thursday, January 28, 2010

hoping for sickness

So, I got my first call from Lillian's school today, telling me she's sick. :(

When I went to pick her up the teacher explained that she was also very sad, and that maybe that was part of why she didn't feel good.

And the reason she was sad is that they were counting to 100 with pieces of corn, and it was frustrating for her, and then she got this tummy ache.


either I have a version of my eldest sister on my hands, who gets sick and stresses out about not doing things perfectly, or she really doesn't feel good.

And here's the thing. She's counted to 100 about a million times. But I"m not sure she's done any sort of one-to-one correspondence activity with it. So that's probably what threw her off. And made her sick when she couldn't do it right.

So even though I never thought I'd say it, I hope Lillian's sick. She'll feel better soon if she is.

But if she's not, then I have the feeling we won't be done with this for a looooong time. :(


Melinda said...

boo. I wish she was more like me and instead of getting frustrated, she'd just make a sun out of all of the corn kernels.

Anonymous said...

first born.


Rachel said...

That is HILARIOUS!!! My sister was EXACTLY like that. She would get headaches every Wednesday at school because it was hot lunch day and it was out of her routine. One time my mom had to call the school and warn them that my sister very upset because they were going to carve pumpkins at school...and of course, since that wasn't in her routine she got sick!

Angela Kim said...

Quite possibly Elliot will have the same "sickness". I don't tell you every time he reminds me of Lillian, because then I'd be spending $200 more on my phone bill.

I'm with you...hoping she has a physical tummy ache, not related to the perfectionism.

But if it's that...I know you will learn how to help her cope with it.

And...she won't turn out thaaaat bad.