Tuesday, January 5, 2010

drive down dodge

The other day I had to bring Steve's sister and her friend to the airport at like 3:30 in the morning. I actually kind of enjoyed the drive, with barely any other cars (but still way more than I expected...what was everyone ELSE doing at that hour???).

On the way there I took 680, but on the way back I took Dodge. On the way there I was busy chatting away with Christa. But on the way back it was just silent. So I took the time to notice things.

I noticed the instant stomach ache I got at about 24th and Cuming, and was thankful once again that I am a stay at home mom instead of a teacher.

I noticed the breathtaking scene at 30th and Dodge, right by the new Mutual of Omaha area. It's so beautiful with all the trees lit up. Like a winter wonderland. And I was thankful to live in a seasonal state.

I noticed the quiet calm surrounding UNMC (where steve works) and knew that it wouldn't be that calm for much longer. But instead of the negative thoughts that I assumed would be filling my head, I found myself with my hand on the window towards the hospital, just praying for the people who are stuck there and who work there and who visit there. And I was thankful that Steve goes there every day to work his JOB, not for treatments, not for tests, not for sickness.

I noticed that there were a LOT of people working already too, at 4am. Snow plows busy busy busy. Guys shoveling out and salting the bus stop shelters. Cold, terrible jobs, I'm sure. And I thought of their wives at home in bed alone.

And when I got home I was locked out of the house. But I just called my sleeping husband, who let me in from the frigid cold. And then we crawled back in bed together.

And I was thankful first of all that I have a house. And secondly, that even though Steve's job takes a lot out of him, he goes to bed with me every night, and wakes up with me (well, much earlier than me) every morning.

And I am SO thankful to live the life I live. And I loved that little 4am drive down Dodge.

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