Sunday, January 31, 2010

$100 for my 100th post!!!!

Hey everyone!


If you've visited my blog in the last week or so, you've seen my new little button for Aria MacDonald.

Here's my connection to Aria:

A while back, they announced in church that a family from New Zealand would be coming to UNMC to wait for organs for their daughter, who has total hirschsprungs disease. She's unable to digest food (I think) and here in NEBRASKA of all places, lies her only hope. She's waiting for a transplant of her entire bowel system (I think). Obviously, I don't really know all the details. I just know that our church decided to take this family and bless them in as many ways as we can, and of course pray for Aria diligently. I have never met the family, but Steve has seen them a number of times and talked to them briefly on occasion at work. There's a lot that I don't know.

But what I DO know is that my little stories about my little life and my little problems that you all apparently find a little amusing for some reason are so insignificant compared to the BIG issues that this family deals with daily. Uprooting themselves, finding new friends, putting their son in a new preschool, a totally new life in a new hospital, being a million miles away from their family, just trusting that God's plan is bigger than all their trials...I could go on and on.

So, in honor of my 100th post, I'm challenging my readers to donate a LITTLE money to make a BIG difference. I'm hoping for at least 100 bucks, since it's my 100th post. And I figure that maybe I have between 20 and 50 blog readers. So, if we're trying to get to 100 bucks, then we'd each have to donate between $2 and $5 dollars. I know in the grand scheme of things, a hundred bucks isn't much of a dent in the amount of money that needs to be raised. But it IS a dent. And the only way to get there is little by little.

So, here's what to do:

just click HERE.

From there they just get your info and you are on your way to raising 100 bucks for my 100th post! I really think we can do it! (if you want to read more info on Aria's story, click on the button on the side of my blog.)

DON'T be embarassed that your little donation is up there with the list of big donations. Collectively, we can be a big donation! I currently have the LOWEST donation amount, and darn proud of it! And I wrote about what we're trying to do. So if you put "I read Andrea's blog" in the comments or something, then they'll be able to see our little donations add up.

Oh, but one more thing. The money is being raised in New Zealand Dollars, instead of USD. So to make it easier for you, I did the conversion! To donate $2 USD, put 2.85 NZD as your dontation. To donate $5 USD, put 7.13 NZD as your donation.

And hurry up, so my little donation isn't all by itself on the donation page.

If you feel led, (and yes, I'm leading you), post a comment on this post telling that you donated, so we can see the teamwork idea working.

I think you probably have $2. And I think you probably have 2 minutes. And I think that we can really raise 100 bucks, which is way cooler than anything else I could think of for my 100th post.

ready, set, CLICK on the button!


andrea said...

ONE donation so far! (mine!) :)

Robyn said...

one more!

Rachel said...

What a great idea!

Angela Kim said...

I love your idea. have to wait for payday though...seriously. :(

Teresa said...

Okay, so I was one that needed your reminder...thanks for sharing this. You have a wondrously generous heart!