Monday, January 25, 2010

shopping sucks, part two

Okay, so I'm really excited about shopping. and yes, I really wrote that. here's why:

On Friday at MOPS we had a speaker come and talk about body shape and how to dress the body that God designed for you (good point, huh?) and feel good about it. The speaker, Becky, was sitting at my table, so we got to chat with her a bit more. My table leader was telling her about my "shopping sucks" blogpost, and she told me that I have to check out

So I did it.

I went to
I paid 19.99.
I answered a bunch of questions about how jeans fit me.
I answered a couple questions about my style.
I got a printout WITH PICTURES of all the jeans that *should* fit me really well, and their prices (ranging from $12 to $98), and where to buy them.
I even got a cheat sheet to bring to the stores with me while I shop.

SO, if any of my sisters would like to come to Omaha for a weekend and go shopping with me, then I could let you know the results and write a "shopping sucks, part three" post.

Apparently I got a special deal. I'm not sure if it's really special or not, but I paid 20 bucks, and got the history behind all the jeans, etc. for free. It's an option for an extra 8 bucks, which I chose not to get, but then got it for free. And I think the $20 is supposed to be the half price cost, so I guess it's originally 40? anyway, there's a code for me to pass on to my friends if they want to get the same deal as me. so here it is: 46924. you have 14 days to use the code.

I got LOTS of comments in person and on the blog from that one little post about shopping for jeans. So I know we are not alone ladies! Check back (hopefully soon) to see if any of those jeans actually worked!

*oh, and if you don't want to pay the money to try it, you should still check out the website. there's lots of good info on there that make you feel like less of a fitting room FREAK. :)

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