Sunday, January 31, 2010

Christmas Present Standouts

Well, after ONE month of playing with all our new Christmas gifts, we definitely have a few that stand out of the crowd. Here are the "most something"s of all the Hydeen presents this past year.

Most used: BY FAR, it's my griddle!

Most unused, but really excited to use: my gift card to Michael's (woo hoo!), and Steve's give card to B&N. Although I feel like I should mention that I'm heading to Michael's later today to spend mine!

Most practical: the money and Visa cards we got from Steve's g&g, and aunt and uncle. We bought so much fun "house stuff" with it! :)

Most beloved but annoying: it's a TIE between their recorders and the police SUV, complete with siren noises.

Most kissed: the cousin photo hanging in Brielle's room that gets kissed almost every time she goes to bed. She loves to kiss "ellie" and "nolan." Ellie would be Elliot, and Nolan is the name of every other child that exists in her life, besides her siblings. :)

Most appreciated: my recipe book from Maria! yay for not having to flip through entire cook books to figure out what to plan for!

Most played with: also a TIE, between Josiah's matchbox car filled semi truck, and the memory games, which helped us survive many a snow day this month.

Most admired: my bella blocks that Carla gave me (that Melinda made). They are stroked and admired by every guest that comes in my house!

Most entertaining: TIE between the GPS system that the kids LOVE to watch, even when we know where we're going, and Josiah's red remote control pickup, controlled by Steve, chasing the kids around the basement. :)

Thanks everyone for all the great gifts!

(and please don't be offended if your gift didn't make the list!) :)


Anonymous said...

"most beloved but annoying" the title :) and I'm happy to see the police SUV we gave made that list!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE my gridle too! I use it for EVERYTHING!

Angela Kim said...

geesh! you made a haul! that sounds like about 4 Christmas's at our house :)

yay for all the cousin kisses! and that "ellie" has his own name :)