Tuesday, January 20, 2009

thanks Mrs. Asparagus

I'm about to put Brielle to bed, and I wanted to share the lullaby I sing to her every night. I heard it from the Veggie Tales cd we have, and it's Junior's mom singing to him.

This song has become increasingly special as more time passes since my mom died. I think I sing it just as much for myself as I do for Brielle. She was a wonderful grandma, and the finest Christian woman ever. And I know she would sing this to all of her little ones if she were here. So I do it for her.

without further ado...

Think of me everyday
Hold tight to what I say
And I'll be close to you
Even from far away.
No matter where you are
it is never too far.
If you think of me,
I'll be with you.

Think of God's love for you
His word is good and true.
No matter where you go
He will take care of you.
Sleep now and close your eyes
Soft as a lullaby
Soon you'll wake up
and the day will be new.

sleep tight sweet Brielle.


Corinne Doughan said...

I sang as I read this ... I never knew the second verse. I might have to commit this one to memory and sing it to my boys too ... it's a good on Andrea.

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

I love this song. Thanks for the second verse. I need to memorize it to. In sleepy stupor I usually stick by my trusty 5 songs.

This is a good one for the kids to write on their hearts as well.

Thinking of you!

Angela Kim said...

I JUST pulled that song out of my memory to start singing to Isaiah too. Thanks for teaching it to me. Mom would have loved it so much.

Teresa said...

I wish I knew the tune as the words are beautiful...I tried to youtube it but couldn't find it. Maybe you can sing it to me some day....? :)