Monday, January 5, 2009

Coffee with Mom

When I asked Lillian what she wanted for Christmas many weeks ago, she thought for a while and said, "You know that thing you wear? With the stars on it? I want one of those." So I rack my mind for about 5 seconds (is anyone else totally amazed at how many things our minds can think in 5 seconds?) and came up with nothing. So I try to get a little more info out of her. "You's blue? And you put it on when you feed Brielle so no one can see your boobs!"

oh my goodness. my daughter wants a nursing cover up for Christmas.

so I think to myself...alright, I might be able to figure out how to sew one of those. My mom taught me how to sew one Christmas break in college. And I spent hours and hours watching her sew things throughout my lifetime. I think I could maybe do it.

well, I don't have a sewing machine, and I wasn't going to be heading to OC to get my mom's before Christmas. But I knew Corinne had one in her storage closet, but Rachel was borrowing it. So since my butt was way to lazy to drive 20 minutes to go get it from Rachel, I just didn't make one for Lillian this year. I figured she'd never realize it anyway.

Christmas was fun. Lots of presents were opened. Lillian got (to name a few): all 7 princess Barbies, matching pjs for her and Ella (her baby), lots of cute clothes, a few great books, lots of princessy things, and some cute hair ties. My children make a haul every year, and it's so fun, because I feel like the gifts are partly mine too. :) They have wonderful aunts, uncles, and granparents who like to get them gifts.

But after all the presents are opened from both sides, there came a time when I had to feed Brielle. So I put my nursing cover up on, and Lillian walked over to me with a sad face. Not like pouty sad, but more like sweet sad. And she said, "Well...maybe I can get one of those next year for Christmas." (Except she says Christmus, and I have no idea why.)

And I felt TERRIBLE! she really did want one of those things! I couldn't believe it.

So, yesterday at church Rachel gave me Corinne's sewing machine. And today I got it out and made a cover up for Lillian. She was so excited and kept telling me "mom, you're awesome. I can't believe you know how to make this!" She just sat there by me watching, making up her own little world in her fascinating brain. I wish I could have gone inside her head a little more, but this is what I grasped:

Each of the pins had a different color head, and each one of them was a person. For example, the green one was Elphaba, of course. And the pink one was...yes, Glinda. And the purple one was....FreeFree (I have no idea either). So each one of these pin people had to go to the gas station (the part of the machine that does the sewing), but before they got run over by the pressure foot, Lillian had to pull them out to safety. It was cracking me up...

And while I sat there with my three kids around me, sewing a silly little project that didnt' quite turn out like I wanted (all the stitching is upside down...but I won't get into that...), I felt like I could almost smell coffee. and I escaped to a little world of my own. I only partially let myself go to this world, as a way to keep my emotions in check I guess. So I'm not sure if in my little world I WAS my mom, and my kids were me and my siblings, or if my mom was just there with me, watching me do something she loved so much, or what. But I know one thing. I smelled coffee.

And I think it's safe to say that I "had coffee with my mom today."


The Yellow Door Paperie said...

Andrea, I love this post. Because our kids want to copy us in all areas of life even breast-feeding!

And yes, you can have coffee with your mom, or be your mom in some world.

I felt like I could smell and almost feel my Grandpa next to me one day. I think we're closer connected than we let on.


Michelle said...

How incredibly touching. I believe that those who have gone before us come see what we are doing in our "happy" moments of life. What a wonderful blessing to have your mom "with" you today. I hope you enjoyed your "coffee". You will remember this day everytime you see your daughter "nursing"! LOL! (I think that is one of the cutest things I have ever heard of!)

Corinne Doughan said...

This made me cry.

Maybe when I move back you can teach me how to use my sewing macine. :D

Angela Kim said...

Teach me too, please! Love this post. Mom would have been SO delighted to have you sew a cover up for Lillian. Even more happy to see you do it than she would be to make it herself...though she would have loved that so much too.

Mandarina said...

I absolutely loved this story. Thank you so much for sharing it.

monkey mama said...

So precious. I love all those little moments every day...and especially when I can remember them to write them down. What a sweet reminder of your own mama...she's obviously a huge part of who you are:).

Anonymous said...

Andrea, I decided quit being shy and leave a comment! :)
I love this post. I sensed the softness of love when I read it.
You are an amazing mom.
I hope I can be a good mother like you one day.


laura said...

wow, that's a great story. and it's not even made up. :) you rank up there with ang in your blogging ability. thanks!