Sunday, January 25, 2009

because if it's on my blog then I have to do it

Here goes....

I am going to run the 5K at Tulip Festival.

I am going to print off the "from couch to 5K" workout thing.

I am going to do every single one of the workouts.

I am going to cross each one off after I do it.

I am going to start tomorrow.

yep. I am.


Anonymous said...

Yes! And I want to do it with you, okay? (Although just because it's on your blog does not mean I HAVE to do it!) Joel and I did it pretty much cold turkey one year....I almost died. Good idea to train.


Melia said...

I was just thinking the other day that I would love to run a 5K this summer-good motivation to get going during these cold months.

Where's this workout located? I can walk and do the elliptical like a champ, but running.....not so much :)

Good luck!

Carmen said...

You might not know I read your blog, but I do. Sorry I've never commented (at least i don't think I have). Wanted to let you know that I-tunes has a great Podcast called Couch to 5K. Although the music isn't always great I liked that I didn't have to watch the time; the podcast told me when to run and when to walk.

joel said...

Joel and Maria's 5k Story
by Joel Smits

Joel and Maria decide to run the 5k at TF. Joel gets ready by running at the YMCA relatively often during the months leading up to the run. Maria does not!

Two days before the run Maria and Joel went on a jog together. They had to stop way before we wanted to. Joel could not believe Maria had not really trained at all, not that he was in that great of shape.

During the actual run at TF, Maria INSISTED we had to stop running about half way through, "for just a block or so." Being the nice brother he is, Joel walked along with her.

At the end of the run, after climbing what seemed at the time like Mt. Everest, both Maria and Joel are pretty tired, but Joel is pretty sure he was trying to get Maria up this stupid hill with encouragement! Maria kept telling him to just go ahead! Run! Finish! I'll be right there! But Joel knew, err, thought, we were in this together!

With about three blocks to go the street is suddenly lined with people encouraging the runners. Since Maria still lived in OC, she knew a bunch of them and couldn't look tired! Suddenly, Maria BURSTS ahead with the energy of the Tasmanian Devil on crack, leaving Joel in the dust. Joel, who walked two blocks and slowed down to encourage his sister up a huge frickin hill, finishes by himself.

The End

Andrea, this story needed to be posted so you know what that sneaky sister of ours is up to! :)

Anonymous said...

okay joel. you punk. that is not the true story. the part about me not training and you training is true. the part about me needing to walk a block is true. the part about me kickin it a little at the end is true. were the one who got tired the night before! your asthma totally dominated you and that's why we quit the night before. i didn't even hardly get tired on that evening run!
sorry that he's bringing you into the middle of this andrea. you know i am not being sneaky and that if anyone were to be doing such a thing it'd be joel!

monkey mama said...

I think we were separated at birth. I hate to run unless I am being chased. And about a month ago I asked/begged/cajoled my next door neighbor into doing it with me so I'd HAVE TO. We're running the Wild Rice Festival 5K. And heck, since we'll already be so stinkin fit, we're gonna go ahead and do the Blackwater Barge Festival and the Tall Timber Days as well. So yeah. I need that couch to 5K thing. Although my friend who does half-marathons is my unofficial coach. But...since I'm seriously starting from the couch (maybe even the floor), the little plan thing sounds lovely. Did I mention I despise running?

Rachel said...

yay! I wanna run the 10K this year...we'll see if it happens.