Friday, August 13, 2010

a list of thoughts

1. I have a major headache, and it's positively not from a lack of caffeine.

2. I'm hoping that the supper fairy shows up at my door tonight with meal in hand. If she doesn't, we just might be having Cap'n Crunch for supper.

3. I used to think it was really hard to have three kids. Then I started doing daycare for Nolan and realized four was hard, and three was easy. Then I lost Nolan :( but added three more, and then I thought that four was easy, and six was hard. And this week I added another baby. So now I think that six is easy. And when it's just my three??? piece of cake. (til after 8:00 when i turn into an ogre.)

4. Brielle smiles when I discipline her.

5. Steve got a fix it ticket for our tail light on the car. We thought we could fix it with a new lightbulb. It didn't work. We had to bring it in, and $655 later...

6. The only good thing about a six hundred fifty-five dollar bill is that I pay for everything with my GAP card, and then I get free dollars in the mail to spend at Gap or Old Navy. So at least I might a free shirt out of the deal.

7. I lost my license. I had to renew it, and then they give you a paper one good for 30 days, and mail you your real new one. And I got it in the mail. That's all I know. And it's a MAJOR inconvenience.

8. At the end of the day, the very last thing I feel like doing is making supper. It's something I've always hated. Some women think I'm lying when I say that I don't get ANY enjoyment out of making a meal for my family. But I'm not lying. I don't like any single part of it. And it's only gotten harder since I started doing daycare. (See #2)

9. The fact that Steve won't have a job in a couple weeks is a really strange feeling. It's almost like we can't even deal with it right now because he just has to wrap this thing up 'nicely'...the only problem is that all his employees are quitting, so he has to do their work at work, and his work at home. And there's no time to do anything except survive.

10. Lillian starts kindergarten on Monday.

11. I wish I was the mom you read about on facebook that begs for more summertime with their kids. But I'm not. I'm ready for school. I'm not gonna lie.

12. What is with this HEAT!!!!

13. I'm planning our ten year class reunion. My kids are NOT allowed to even THINK about being senior class president. I won't allow it.

14. Josiah's latest quirk: refusing to wear shorts that don't have a snap/button. Add that to refusing to wear anything but his "handsome flip flops" or his "handsome bike shoes," crying when he thinks he doesn't look good, and asking at random times if his hair looks good. I think he's got a future in fashion of some sort.

15. I'm about to go downstairs to tell the kids it's time to clean up. If you listen closely, you just might hear the whining and complaining and begging for help.

16. There are about 80 million things I should have done instead of write this post. But when your brain is so crowded, you do what you gotta do.


Anonymous said...

Awe. I wish I lived closer to you! Actually, I wish you lived closer to me. I'd make you supper because I LOVE to cook. Just kidding. But I'd maybe do it for you once in a while anyways. And, long days are always a little bit easier when you have another grown up to talk to. But that would make it 8 kids and maybe wouldn't help....


theKband said...

Here's another secret from our house: Nate has a schedule that's strange, but one of its perks is tha the is around most afternoons at 4:00. I make supper. Then after supper I become deadbeat mom. No kidding. Nate does the dishes. Nate puts the kids to sleep. I am deadbeat Mom. Completely. It's okay to be exhausted. I only have three kids. I can't imagine having seven. I wouldn't want to make supper either, and I actually kind of like it most days. And I think one of the real reasons I like it is because I'm alone when I do it.

Robyn Hoekstra said...

Hope you don't mind if I steal this post idea today!! So many thoughts, and so few coherant ways to blog about them!