Friday, August 20, 2010

bus party

You know that feeling when your heart breaks in a million little pieces?
That feeling has come over me about a million times this week.
And that's just too many millions.

We've come a long way this week. Lillian went from: being brought to and picked up from school, bawling and begging not to go, clinging and crying when I had to leave, begging to sleep in my room just for a little more time with me, and even hiding from me in the morning once, to: riding the bus home yesterday, crying just a little, a "good" day yesterday, riding the bus to AND from school today, and an "awesome!" day today to top it all off! Today still had its struggles for sure. She was scared to death to get on the bus, and cried a little bc she lost her kissing stone. But the girl who came off the bus this afternoon is the girl I knew would show up eventually.

It was so strange...watching this little person who you think you know as well as yourself act TOTALLY different than you ever expected in a situation. I'm so glad to see she's getting through it.

On Monday I thought we'd never get there. (I mean, I KNEW we would, but it just FELT like we wouldn't.) And today she doesn't even have time to talk or snuggle with me. She's too busy playing.

it's good.

To get Lillian excited about riding the bus to and from school today, I made a 'bus cake' to celebrate the day. My friend Jeannie made one for her kids for a back to school treat, and I thought it'd be perfect for a riding the bus treat too. :)

The kids think I'm the cake boss. :) but I think I'll leave the cake baking to Sara Crane. :)

here it is....the "masterpiece" ;)

so proud of herself for riding the bus (or maybe just excited to eat the cake)
(see how the wonderfully constructed school bus stayed in tact? never mind the fact that it went completely lopsided and now looks like a cartoon or something. the kids didn't care!)

and a (sort of) group shot.
happy happy day. :)


Joel said...

Where was she hiding?!? That kind of sounds like something I would have done. :)

andrea said...

um...that was something you DID do, Joel James (but maybe not before school). I was totally freaked out, but we finally found you hiding between the mattress and the wall on the top bunk of your room. (why did you have bunk beds anyway??) But she was hiding behind the door, crouched down in a ball, crying. :( This whole thing has been reminding me of you hating school...sooooo sad. :(

Joel said...

I remember that hiding spot! It was pretty funny. But you're right, I HATED school at OC. I was thinking about that, too, even before you mentioned it. Is Lillian's teacher an old, scowly, mean, witch too? Cause if so, I'll go eat lunch with her daily!

Laura said...

Glad to hear everyone is pulling through okay. Great cake, Andrea!

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