Thursday, September 3, 2009

the winds of change

Today was a rainy rainy day. It was such a bummer to not go play outside. And today it really hit me. My life is going to dramatically change next week. For almost forever.

Yes, next week I start babysitting N (gotta do the initial thing again, sorry. but at least it's not as confusing as I). But that won't seem like major change. I'm ready for that. I'm excited for that. He'll just blend in here. :)

But the change that will be almost forever is the school thing. okay, so it's only a preschool thing, but still. This is the very last week of my life for a REALLY long time that I don't have any kids in school every day. I mean, think about it...for the next 23 years or so I'll have kids in school (if they go to college). No more random quick trips to Orange City. No more day trips to the lake. (well, maybe in the summer I guess, if I'm not babysitting.) It's so strange. I'm kinda sad.

So, on one of the very last days of our life in this phase, Lillian decided to take it all in, rain or shine. here's my so-excited-for-pre-school (and the fact that she doesn't need quiet time anymore) girl, livin and lovin being a kid. (forgive the bad photography, but I was not about to head out there with her just for the sake of clear pictures.) :)

and an air shot!

Well, winds of change, feel free to take your time blowing over here. I kinda like this phase.


Angela Kim said...

I like the umbrella/rain photos with Lillian--they don't have to be perfect--they are super cute :)

I'm confused about how you got 23. I'm counting 21.

Are you pregnant????

andrea said...


I was thinking maybe I graduated when I was 23. and I was counting from Brielle...

Still not sure if my math is right. But I DO know I'm not pregnant. :)

Mandarina said...

Andrea this is so weird... for the past 2 years or so I have been working on a book about a little girl with curly hair that wears bright, clashing colors and has a flying umbrella (I am SERIOUS!)... I am saving that last photo on my computer as inspiration! I just adore your Lillian- I think she and I would be best buds. :)