Saturday, August 29, 2009

the post of birthdays past

Here's a bunch of pictures from birthdays gone by. For those of you who don't know, I was born on my big sister's 5th birthday. It has been so fun for us to share a birthday for 28 years now. We SO treasure the years we get to celebrate together (like last year, even though we forgot to take a picture). As you'll see, our mom did a really great job of taking pictures every year, even though she always beat herself up about her photo taking and photo keeping. I think they're mostly in order. And only a few years of my childhood are missing. As I got older I guess I didn't care as much about birthday pictures.

so...without further ado, my birthdays:

the first one:

the third one: (okay, so I just posted this, and now realize that technically, if I count my actual birthday as the first one, then all these numbers are wrong. but I"m not changing them all. so by third one, I mean when I turned 3, not technically my 3rd birthday. does that make sense?)

the fourth one:

the fifth one: (yes, I wore the same shirt two birthdays in a row)

the sixth one:

the seventh one:

the eighth one: this first picture isn't very good, but the memory is so clear. The Ulmers were visiting us in CA and we got to go to Pizza Hut. It was AWESOME!

And I think (because of my sweet bangs) this was the same year:

the ninth one:

the tenth one: a huge bday in the Smits household. we got to have a SLUMBER PARTY when we turned ten. Here I am with my friends Stephanie, Christine, Rebecca, Darcy (some of you know her!), Julie, and Kelly

We moved back to Iowa. A birthday at the Ulmer house- 710 S. Main :)

Onto the middle school years. I'm pretty sure this is my 13th bday

Check out my very excited friends. :) Aubyn, Steph, and Renee.

Birthday during a camping trip. 15 years old.

AWESOME birthday when I went to visit Ang in Chicago. 17 I think.

My first birthday in college. Mom and dad came to Fern to see me.

Last year. Not sure what I did any of the years between that last picture and this one. There is no documentation at all. weird.

And this is what I look like today! 28! (Lillian picked the smiley face cake, which you can hardly see anyway, but this was the least blurry picture.)


Anonymous said...

I'm amazed that on your 9th birthday you're wearing the shirt you got for your 10th birthday! That outfit was sweet :)

Hope you had a wonderful day!


andrea said...

okay so I got it wrong. But I thought we only got a slumber party when we turned ten! I'm so confused! What year was that???

Anonymous said...

I know! That's why I wasn't going to say you were wrong! Maybe you lucked out and got your slumber party on your 9th birthday. So you had the slumber party first, got the outfit, and then wore your new outfit to your family birthday party?? Or maybe you really had the shirt and you happened to get the same one for your 10th birthday? Seems a little far fetched, but maybe.


Anonymous said...

I just figured it out! That is not your slumber party picture. They all came for a party, but it was not your slumber party. Your slumber party was the next year. And there were more girls at your slumber party, I think. Don't you have a picture of all of you in your pjs?


andrea said...

yes! that's it! That WAS my 9th. The sweet bangs give it away again! Those are the SAME stringy bangs I had in the "9" picture. and yep, I was probably so freaking excited to get new clothes that I wore them for the family party. And yes, I have the slumber party picture, but it shows my undies, so I didn't put in in here! :) mystery solved. thanks.

Teresa said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the 'mystery' you and Maria successfully solved! As well as looking at all of the pics!
I agree that it's kinda strange there's no documentation of so many of your 'older' years...could they be with your college/dating/engaged/newlywed pictures?

Cora said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day and I loved the pictures!

Wanda said...

Thanks for sharing pictures, memories, tears, blessings and special times with your kids...enjoyed every part..I remember many of those birthdays as we got to share them with you..those were wonderful years! Love you!

Angela Kim said...

I suppose I forgive you for posting embarrassing photos of me. Especially when you turned 5 and I turned 10--one of my ugliest years. And for all of facebook to see too. But I still forgive you. And I still love you, and love sharing a birthday.

monkey mama said...

Happy birthday, Andrea! I love all your posts :) I also have NO pictures of me since I got married basically. Hm. But I guess my mom never had pictures of herself with her birthday cake either...time to change the rules!

Joel said...

Weird, but I remember Ang's birthday cake from your 3rd birthday. Probably only because the lettering was made out of candy, and I really wanted a piece of cake with one of those on it, but then it didn't taste very good. Great pictures!

Melinda said...

I must say, I was really impressed with the 11 comments, only to find out that 5 of them were a conversation between you and Maria. That post was AWESOME. Thank you for reminding me who the original owner of the wet and wild barbie is. What ever happened to the other one? Did Joel get his hands on it?

laura said...

I don't know what I enjoyed more, looking at cute/dorky pictures of you and Ang growing up, or reading all the blog comments from your siblings! Happy Belated, Andrea!