Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the before preschool post

Okay. We survived. Lillian is, as I type, in her first day of preschool.

This past weekend we were camping, and I reminded her that 'the day after tomorrow' she would go to preschool. And she freaked out. Like, loud whooping and hollering type of freak out, early in the morning. And she said, "Mom! I've been waiting SO LONG for this day! I get to go to PRESCHOOL!" She was pretty excited.

And last night we were talking about our big girl. I was pretending to be the teacher, and asked about everyone's long holiday weekend, and she told me all about camping with her aunties and making s'mores, her favorite part.

She was still excited, but I could tell that there was a little more apprehension now that it was real. So I talked about fun stuff, like when she'll get to be the star student, and bring five things to show that are special to her and tell about her. And she said, "like my HOPE rock?" Her hope rock is a rock that was actually my mom's. When Maria and I were cleaning out her old stuff, I found an old pink purse, with her license and tons of stuff in it, including the hope rock. So I thought Lillian would love to have it, and I was right. But she hasnt' talked about the hope rock for months. But I guess it's pretty special to her. :)

So she finally went to bed after lots of "but mommy I'll miss you"s and such. I was a bit concerned taht she'd be stuck to my leg crying, or even worse, trying NOT to cry when I left her at preschool the next day.

But today was another story. She woke up excited, and even got herself dressed. The only problem was that the outfit was terrible. She chose and orange shirt with a pink plaid skirt. I did all but beg and plead with her to pick a different outfit, but when she told me that it was really important to her to wear these clothes, I decided I was being ridiculous, not her. So instead of all the adorable MATCHING outfits that sit waiting in her closet (thanks Grandma Carla!), she chose that one. and after a very LONG morning full of BOREDOM (her new thing...always being bored), it was time to eat lunch and go to preschool.

So we did.

We dropped her off, helped her put her supplies in the supply pile, took a few pictures, and out we went. I didn't cry. She didn't cry. She just looked at me and said, "Mommy, I love you so much, and I'm so excited, and I'll see you at 3:00." (She wanted to say the 3:00 part because that's waht Hannah said.) :)

I'm not sure if it was because all the other moms were there totally holding it together, or because I was so concentrated on getting my double stroller up and down the ramp and into the little portable classroom, or what, but I left the classroom with dry eyes. :) Until I got to the van. And then I cried. But just a little.

On our way home I heard this little peep from the back seat. "Mama? I want Gracie." Over and over and over again. The whole way home. Bless his little heart. He's NEVER been without his big sister, except at MOPS a few times last year. It totally broke my heart. into a million little bits. That part was probably harder than leaving Lilian.

Okay, so in a half hour we go and get her again. Steve had to be at work at 5 am today, so he's leaving early so he can be there to pick her up too. I'm so excited. I know she'll love it.

All my fears are conquered. I survived the parking lot/drop off thing, which I was very concerned about. I found out that there are at least THREE kids in her class that have food allergies, so she's not the only one with separate snacks, etc. AND, she was still excited when I left the building. So far so good.

Here's a little video and a few photos of our big girl BEFORE the big day:

Okay, and for the video you have to turn your neck a little. :) sorry...I always forget that. And I just have to say that she got the "stage presence" from her daddy. I guess it's more "camera presence," because it does NOT exist on stage lately. (she won't even do free dance during her dance class bc she thinks all the moms are watching her.) anyway, she definitely 'turns it on' for the camera. :)


Anonymous said...

She is so cute Andrea! And all I can think about is that she looks exactly like you did, and it takes me back to kindergarten! How exciting that your kids are growing up- you did a great job keeping it together! My mom still cried dropping me off at college literally 3 blocks from our house! It's so fun to watch your family grow and hear all about it! Love and miss you! Steph

Rachel said...

I'm so glad the first day went so well. We had the SAME issue with Hannah and her outfit... the outfit was Ok, but it was shorts with two different socks jacked up with her brown tennis shoes. I did at least convince her to wear pants so you couldn't see the miss matched socks! :)

Corinne Doughan said...

ADORABLE! I love that Lillian said, "Hi my name is Lillian and I'm going to preschool" TWICE!! ... I didn't think the outfit was that bad. :)

Teresa said...

Andrea, she is too cute!! And I laughed out loud when the camera panned to Josiah, only to hear you chuckle too!!! Love it!! And I thought her outfit was cute, too.....How exciting for her to be headed off to school....poor Josiah. Hopefully he adjusts quickly.

Angela Kim said...

Wow, Andrea. I'm proud of YOU :)
And Lillian of course. But I knew she'd do great. :) How fun that she got to be such a helper. Her teachers probably think she should be in 3rd grade or something. So they're trying to keep her busy. :) I have to say, I am pretty sure I gave mom that hope rock (I was into hope rocks during her cancer years), so make sure Lillian doesn't lose it...and let me know if she gets detached at any point :)