Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day Party

One of the things I thought I'd love doing as a mom is getting ready for my kids' Valentine's Day Parties. I like to make stuff, so I thought that we'd just sit and make all sorts of really cute little valentines together, enjoying our quality time and enjoying the process of making stuff together.

That was before I was a mom.

The reality is, I called Lillian from WalMart the other day with an almost dead battery, so I was trying to quickly explain that there were no princess valentines (seriously WalMart? no princess valentines?) so she'd have to pick another kind of valentine to give her class. She didn't even know what valentines were, so she wasn't getting it. Nor was she getting the fact that my battery would be dead in about 45 seconds. I explained that her choices were Cars, Disney fairies, puppies and kitties, and "mary" from the dancing movie. "Mary" is actually Selena Gomez, or whtaever her name is, who was on a Cinderella dancing movie that Lillian watched one time. Since Selena (Serena?) is on Wizards of Waverly Place, Lillian sees her on stuff everywhere, and always points out "Mary."

So of course that's what she picked. Mary. She doesn't care that the poster that came with them says ALEX in very big letters, because it's Mary.

And I got a box of allergy safe (for her class anyway) FUN DIPS for the kids, because I knew if I bought the SUPER MEGA BIG bag of skittles and starbursts, I'd eat about half of what was left after we made her seven valentines for her class. So I went with Fun Dips, just so I knew I wouldn't eat them all. I'm all for a fun dip every once in a while, but I can only handle so much of the lik*m*aid sensation.

So there you have it. I got a box of non-homemade valentines of a tv show I don't know anything about, or even if it's appropriate for kids. oh my gosh, is it? I never even thought about it! someone please tell me if it's not! and fun dips to go with them.

And I didn't even help her get them ready. Judy did. I've been running a little ragged these days with my dad being here to paint, stuff all over the place, Steve gone like 15 hours every day this week, and no time for valentines.

and that, my friends, is reality.

Happy 'Valentines Day Party' Day. :)


Melinda said...

I got about 4 "ALEX" valentines, and 2 fun dips. Trust me, in the eyes of 5-year-olds, you made the right choice.

jenlar3 said...

There will be plenty more Valentine's Days to come, and based on my experience, my girls don't remember all the fun/cool stuff I did with them before the age of 10 or 11 anyway. I was the best mom ever during their early years, and they don't even remember! :( So save bonding over homemade valentine's until they are old enough to make it worthwhile!!! hahaha

Sarah said...

LOL! I would have to say that honestly all the kids want is the CANDY!! Come from a K teacher!! LOL.

You can go for "cute" next year!! I saw some VERY crafty ideas this year that I will be pocketing for my own duo!! Let me know if you want details!! (If I think I can do can FOR SURE pull it off!)

Hugs Momma!!

Anita said...

Hi Andrea
Sorry been meaning to stop by for ages and say thanks to you and your readers for the lovely support for our Aria. Thanks for thinking us!!
Your girls are so beautiful :)