Monday, February 8, 2010


Last night at the superbowl party I was enjoying the fact that I don't have to have a baby on my lap at all times, or a crawler that I have to chase around, making sure they don't get into stuff. Those are fun times, but every now and again it's nice to not have to be "on duty" every second.

Lillian and Josiah are totally fine playing with their friends, and Brielle has mastered stairs, can play on her own, and as long as the toilet lid is closed, we're usually okay.

So I was upstairs at the Wassenaars' chatting with the ladies, probably about labor and kids (is that ALL we EVER talk about????), when I hear a huge THUD and a really short cry, which I KNEW was going to be REALLY loud once Brielle caught a breath. I love it that even though there were 14 kids there, I knew in an instant that it was Brielle crying. So I RAN down the steps and found her with her little hand on her face, and her mouth WIDE open, doing the silent cry thing while she waited for a breath.

She instantly had a big bruise on her face, which surprised even the pediatrician at the party. It was FAST. And then her snot was a bit bloody. :( I felt so bad for her. I guess she doesn't have stairs mastered after all, and these happened to be unfinished wood stairs, and she just scraped and bonked her little face on the way down. :( After a few snuggles with Daddy and a couple pretzels, she was back to her old self again. However, when Nolan kissed her goodbye for the night, she made sure to point out that he kissed her owie. :)

I can't help but chuckle a bit at my reaction. One of my friends asked me if I was okay, and I totally was. But I think back to when Lillian was a baby, and any little thing that happened to her made me cry (like when I stepped on her bc I didn't see her on the floor bc of the laundry basket I was carrying, and many many many more little things). But I guess as time goes on you learn that kids DO get bumps and bruises, and DO survive, and probably get over it a bit more quickly when mom's not crying about it. :)

So anyway, I snapped a few pictures and asked Brielle about her owie. Last night it was mostly just red and raised a bit with a bruise. Today her whole cheek was bit more swollen, and even under her eye got a little black and blue. And she's got a red spot on the opposite cheek and her nose where it scraped. It's hard to tell from the pictures, because you can't see the distortion in her face when she makes facial expressions and such. And the lighting in the video is bad, so you still can't tell too much. But I happen to think she's still quite cute with her little swollen cheek and scraped up nose and a hint of a black eye.

Last night:

This morning:


theKband said...

So cute. Bruises and all. Loved the video of little Brielle.

jenlar3 said...

She looks like she was playing in the Super Bowl!! Cute video...bye bye!!!

Anonymous said...

awe. sweet b. love the picture with the paci. so who's learning to play the drums in the background?


Melinda said...

hahaha...funny maria. a few things:
1. I love your camera.
2. I love your daughter(s).
3. I love your son too
4. I want to kiss Brielle's cheek. Maybe Friday? Is it okay if I come for an hour or two? I'll call.