Saturday, February 6, 2010

update on aria

hey guys!

GREAT NEWS! After waiting for YEARS in NZ and MONTHS in Omaha, Aria (the one who we donated money to) had her transplant last night.

Click on my Aria button on the right to read the updates. Even if you don't know the story, you will see God's greatness in what He's done in their lives.

And of course, Aria's parents are requesting prayers for the family that lost their child. I can't imagine what they might be going through. Each time I prayed for organs for Aria, I also snuck in there that they wouldn't be MY children's organs. Such a great loss. And even if it's a "successful" surgery, Aria still has a 30% chance of not surviving the transplants. Hard to imagine that God would allow that to happen after all this, but we certainly don't always understand His ways.

So PLEASE, even though you don't know her, pray for sweet little Aria. and her parents (Hamish (HAY-mish) and Anita) and her brother Asher.

And if you STILL haven't donated, you can still do that! I had one friend just clean out the change in her car and give it to me. It was OVER two bucks, so if you think your finances can afford two bucks, TODAY is the day to donate! Just put "I read Andrea's blog" in the comment section so they understand why it's a small donation. We still haven't reached $100 bucks.

Here is the link again, just in case. :)

**UPDATE! I hadn't seen a couple of the donations before I wrote this, but turns out we DID break $100! While we met the goal I had for my blog, there's still a long way to go til the MacDonald's reach their goal for fundraising, so don't let that stop you from donating! :) Thanks for your help in raising over $100 bucks! :)


Cora said...

I am really happy to hear that she finally got a transplant and will be praying for her and her family.

jenlar3 said...

Here is what I added up for the donations that mentioned your blog.

153.16 NZD = 105.543 USD

Yeah for Aria making it through the transplant and yeah for you raising over $100 to help!