Saturday, June 8, 2013

chain reaction

so the other day Brielle told me about a little zit on her back that was hurting.  I said, oh it's not a zit, just a little bugbite or something.  I was actually wondering if it was a spider bite but didn't want to mention that since her 4 year old brain does enough imagining on it's own.

well, today that "little bug bite" is HUGE and red and swollen and itchy and burning and painful.

so I take a picture (what did we DO before picture texting?!?!!?)  and text it to our pediatrician who is awesome and goes to church with us and let's me facebook her and photo text her before having me come in to see her!  she's out of state at a wedding but took the time to get all the info and let me know what to do, which is try to get the probable infection out by soaking the bite in hot water with epsom salt.

easy peasy.  I'll just go grab the epsom salt.
not in the kids bathroom.  not under the kitchen sink.  hm....

I head to our bathroom sink and open it up to find that little pink tub thing they give you from the hospital when you have a baby FULL, like, to the BRIM, with water.  and also a submerged hair straightener and curling iron.  oh, and also a pack of HUGE maxi pads from my postpartum days almost FIVE years ago.  see?  there's a reason I kept those bad boys!  if they had not soaked up a ridiculous amount of water, that little tub would not have been filled to the brim with water, it would have RUINED our whole little vanity thing, costing us who knows how much to replace.

and the best part?  the "good" straightener (CHI) and the curling iron we actually use were propped up on top of something else, not where they belong, which means they were DRY!  woot!  see Steve??? there's a reason I don't put everything away in it's place! ;)

so, now we still have to figure out the leak, and find the epsom salt, but just when I felt VERY inconvenienced (today is my WORK day, Mommy can't help you, you have to wait til Daddy gets home...) I discovered that the one infected bug bite happened to save us from some major spending!!!

(now, let's just pray we can get this infection under control or we'll be visiting urgent care on our date night tonight.  boo....) 

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