Thursday, September 8, 2011

be better

Tonight's one of those nights where my kids really deserve a better mom.

a small battle about flossing turned into a potential Dr. Phil episode. I am so embarrassed at myself. By the end of it we were all in tears.

I took a break, to collect my sanity which had spewed out all over the house, gather my self control that I just abandoned in a pile in the hallway, and scrounge up some humility to go ask for forgiveness.

My kids don't handle my tears very well. They were so very forgiving, especially "the one" who got it the worst. But I wanted to be forgiven because I messed up and asked for forgiveness, not because I was crying about it. But they were all quick to forgive, and respond with "it's OKAY Mommy!" even when it's NOT okay, because they want their mommy to stop crying.

They deserve better.

so tomorrow, I'll be better.

Because for me, it's really just a decision. When I "make a good choice" to be better, I can be.

so tomorrow, I'll be better. for them.


Morgan said...

I bet it's the Diet Coke withdrawals! It's hard on the whole family. Addiction is a family problem. :) I can tell you're a great mommy, don't fret.

theKband said...

I wish more of us moms would admit to nights like this. Thank you for sharing and being honest--we all have had these. And if we haven't, then there's probably a problem, honestly...

Alyssa said...

I once read that one of the greatest things parents can do in raising their children is to admit when we're wrong and to ask for forgiveness....I think it's true. They learn by watching us! You're such an awesome mom -- and so not alone in the "sanity spewed all over the house" sentiment. Oy vey. That's my every-minute reality right now and I don't like it. I miss you!