Thursday, March 3, 2011

sunday school stories

I got this email from Josiah's sunday school teacher the other day. She's SO GOOD at really paying attention to the everything these kids say just as passing thoughts. As a mom, I don't pay as much attention to that stuff I guess, which makes me really sad, and really thankful for people like Mrs. Temple who listen and share. :)

Hey Andrea,
Theresa Temple here. I forgot to tell you a little funny I heard from a small curly haired boy in Sunday School yesterday. The kids were eating their snack and he said, ever so innocently, "Did you know that if you eat avocado you will grow lots of hair in your armpits?"

I wish I could remember it exactly as he said it because it was so cute. I look forward to Sunday School-those little people make me laugh!

anyway, just a little thing, but I about died laughing when I read that. :)

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