Thursday, February 17, 2011

a much less mushy valentines post

so, there are a few things I want to remember about this year's valentines day besides how wonderful it was to spend time with my husband.

like this.

Lillian had to bring a valentines box to school. This is the type of mom duty I've been looking forward to for 6 and a half years now. And as much fun as it was for me to make it, I really wanted it to be her project. So I did the structure part of it, and you guessed it! Lillian did the decorating. and it was so cute, because she kept asking my opinion, because I was "much better at this type of thing." :) And it took every ounce of tongue biting possible to not tell her that Christmas bells didn't really go with the theme. We had gone to Hobby Lobby earlier in the night to get 2 pieces of paper and one pack of stickers. That was the limit. So she did a GREAT job getting pretty matchy stuff. I was so proud. But then we found my old scrapbooking stickers and the girl went crazy. It was so fun. And she was so proud.

and this.

This is the valentines garland we made Friday afternoon when Lillian had only half a day of school. We melted crayon pieces between wax paper and then cut them into heart shapes. You're supposed to peel the crayons with a peeler or a pencil sharpener, but I decided to be efficient and use my Pampered Chef chopper. And it was efficient. but I'll let you know how our chopped food tastes with little crayon bits in it until it some day (if ever) completely comes off the chopper. Here are a few pictures of the process.

and, this. holiday treats are a must. :)

hope you all had a sweet valentines day. :)


Wanda said...

Andrea..I hate to tell you but I don't think the food chopper was meant to chop crayons-you might have to use it next year for that again:) Loved the pictures and so glad you had a wonderful Valentines Day!

Alyssa said...

so cute! loved the garland idea -- i'll have to try it! And Lillian's box was PERFECT! So lovely!