Tuesday, February 22, 2011

blech blech blech

that's how we feel around here.

Josiah got a fever in the night last wednesday night, and since then we haven't been able to get rid of it. By the time he was done, Brielle and Lillian picked it up and Brielle has been puking with it too. I know it's nothing major, and there are so many parents who'd love to switch places with me. and my heart breaks for them.

but maaaannnn....I'm about to go crazy here. I've had sick kid body and breath on me for a week straight. And I want to cry. and I want my own space.

so today I decided that I had to do a few fun things for ME. The kids could care less that we've basically been sitting on our butts watching tv and movies all week like a big pile of sick...somethings....not even sure what lays around all day on top of each other. puppies? anyway, thank goodness for netflix. but today I NEEDED something different.

So, after looking at my friend Kelly's facebook pictures of when she took her daughter to a Green Eggs and Ham breakfast, I decided that today we'd have green eggs and ham burritos. so we did. it's something we've never done here. so we did it. And before we ate them, we watched the video on youtube. and somehow it felt like a major change switching from the tv to the computer to watch. wow, that's pathetic.

anyway, so we had to convince Brielle that she'd like them. it was an awful lot like the story actually, because eventually she loved them. :)

and after ALL THAT different-ness, I decided that during naptime I was going to work on a sewing project for me. well, for Brielle, but just not for the pinkadink. It's good for me to do that on occasion. To get my creativity back for ME, and not for the business. And poor Brielle never really gets anything made just for her. She doesn't even have a towel!

So I found a tutorial online on how to make a cute skirt. I got this shirt at the MOPS swap (free stuff!) two years ago, and really loved it. I've been wearing it all this time even though it has a HOLE in the shirt, right in the front. it's small, but still, it's a hole. And in the winter when i wear a black long sleeve shirt underneath, it's really noticeable. But I still felt the need to wear it. I think I need to go shopping. So anyway, I knew I'd be happy one day that I didn't throw it out. And today's the day.

Here's the shirt:

and by following THIS tutorial, I made it into this skirt:
poor, sick, Brielle. She really loves it, even though you can't tell...

(note to Corinne Doughan (if you're reading this): notice the painted paneling in the background, our newest change)

and here's a better view, so you can see the pink stitching, which I happen to think totally makes the skirt:

so, hopefully this is our last day of fevers and feeling blech. but if not, I may need y'all to send me some old shirts.


Katie said...

Wow - that skirt turned out so cute! You should try this one - http://freshlypicked.blogspot.com/2010/02/valentine-skirt-tutorial.html
There is a matching one for adults too. It's super easy. Good luck with all your sewing adventures!

Melia said...

SUPER cute skirt! Love it!

Laura said...

Wow, I can't believe that cute skirt came from that cute shirt. That is impressive (and that you made it with sick kids underfoot is even more impressive)!