Sunday, January 9, 2011

my six-year-old-sweetie

Lillian has a tender little heart.

she gets that from me. :)

I've started making little baby shoes for the pinkadink as one of my new products for year 3. They're stinkin cute. and stinkin tricky to make. There's lots of layers, and I'm constantly flipping them inside out and right side out and back inside out etc. So one day last week I started a pair while the kids were napping. And since I"m not very fast at them yet, they weren't done by the end of naptime.

So when the big girls got back from school, I told Lillian what I was doing. She's like her auntie Mel and LOVES anything miniature. :) So I show her this baby shoe, but it was like, all cut up and inside out and didn't really look like a shoe to her little brain. Or Kaylee's either. So Kaylee started laughing! really hard!

And my sweet girl says, "KAYLEE!!! Mom! Kaylee's laughing!" And I say, "well, honey, I realize it does actually look a little weird right now, doesn't it? I think it's kind of funny too."

so she started laughing too, and they ran off to play.

But as they leave I hear this conversation:

"What? You tattled on me for laughing and now you're laughing? That doesn't even make SENSE!"

(insert really motherly, halfway whiney voice: "Well, Kaylee, I didn't know my mom thought it was funny. She was working really hard on that and I didn't want to hurt her feelings if she thought it looked nice! It's not okay to laugh at someone until you see that they think it's funny too! I just didn't want to hurt her feelings!"

I about cried on the spot. so sweet.

And then, yesterday, she 'bout made me cry again.

She had a really great report card. I know she's only in kindergarten, but I think it all starts there, if not before. Her report card was almost completely Os, which is the highest, and stands for outstanding. And having been a teacher, I know that we don't just toss out Os when Ss are really great too. So I was really proud of all her Os, and just the fact that she TRIES really hard. She's lucky that it all comes easy to her, but sometimes that makes kids not even try that hard. So I was proud.

And to celebrate, we were going to go to Arby's and get $1 Jamocha shakes. I had made perougies (sp?) for supper that night, and they weren't a huge hit. Why anyone wouldn't like carbs wrapped in carbs is beyond me. I loved them. But the kids didn't. Lillian choked hers down but the other kids would not. Not even for a shake. So we gave PLENTY of warnings that not eating thier supper meant no shake, even though they DID eat their veggies.

But by the time we got to Arby's Lillian was in TEARS about the fact that her brother and sister couldn't have one. She doesn't really get the whole "teaching a lesson" thing, and she was just DEVASTATED. I betcha she begged us for like 5 minutes straight, coming up will all sorts of ideas for giving them a second chance. We stood firm and said no...every sweet little teary time. It made us really sad too, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

I love that she's so sensitive. so empathetic. so sweet.


Corinne Doughan said...

awwwww ... give Lillian a sweet hug from me! :)

Alyssa said...

She is SO sweet! We love her!