Tuesday, January 11, 2011

my rough-and-tumble four year old

This is what Josiah looked like yesterday:

He's happy here, but wasn't so much when he got that big old thing on his head. I guess he was swinging his legs while balancing on his hands on the bar stool. I remember doing the same type of things when I was little. But for Josiah it ended by the stool tipping, him falling backwards, and the cross bar thing of the stool landing right between his eyes and scraping off the skin.

Once we got the bleeding and crying under control, I couldn't help but laugh to Steve. This just adds the perfect touch to his one chipped front tooth and his other brown front tooth (which doesn't look nearly as brown in the picture...yay!).

I guess he just looks like a boy with his battle wounds. :)

(and this picture was before he sliced his finger open on my rotary cutter later in the day. So he also had a wad of tissue wrapped in a bandaid for most of the evening.)

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theKband said...

We keep waiting for Isaiah's front two teeth to fall out. They're still brown (if you really look at them) from a fall when he was 3. He's also been "glued" rather than stitched, at least once. The other day, Simeon was bleeding. I got a band-aid and Isaiah told me, as I was putting it on his brother, "Mommy, you've got blood on you!" I told him "Honey, I'm a Mommy to three boys, I almost always have blood on me."