Tuesday, October 20, 2009

my sunday afternoon nap

Okay, it was actually a Sunday MORNING nap, but I wasn't going to mention that we skipped church. But now you know. We skipped church.

anyway, Steve put a movie in for the kids and sat down on the couch to watch it with them. And so I laid down on his lap.

It was a strange feeling. I hadn't done that for so long. I felt so young. I think part of it is that every time I lay on his lap I'm instantly taken back to that one night when I was 15, at the Huisman house (full of the usual 10-15 teenagers), and I caught a glimpse of Jaci Kluis laying on Steve's lap. It was more like just resting her head on his leg, but all I could think about that night was that I wanted it to be MY head on his leg.

man, I still remember it like yesterday.

So on days like Sunday, I felt young again. Like we were dating. except for the random and frequent "beeps" to my nose and pokes in my eyes by the one year old, the 5 year old sharing the lap with me and sitting on my hair every time she repositioned, and the almost-3-year-old sitting on my legs. :)

just another day in paradise. :)


The Yellow Door Paperie said...

So sweet!

Some times I look around and think, how did we get from high school to here? Surreal how fast time passes.

Teresa said...

love it! And yes, I feel the same way. Time is passing by so quickly!