Monday, October 5, 2009

I feel like Jessie Spanno

hey people.

I realize I haven't posted in forever, and that's just fine with me. I've been feeling spread a little thin lately, and the blog is always the first to go.

I've been busy buying a house, taking care of 4 kiddos, seeing how much crap my family can eat before I actually make a grocery list and go to the store, and doing craft shows galore (and PREPARING for them). It's a busy time of year.

One other thing I definitely don't have time for these days is money saving. "no time...there's never any time...." I usually try to price match my groceries, find good deals on websites, and things of the sort. are some things I'm doing intentionally to hopefully save in some ways that will help balance where I've been spending.

Okay wait. It's not really SOME THINGS. It's ONE thing. But it's what I can do. :)

I've just been trying to be very conscious about how much of _________ I'm using. For example, I'm using slightly less laundry detergent with each load. I haven't been able to tell a difference yet. And a little less shampoo, and a little less toothpaste (still plenty, though).

a little less mayonnaise.
a little less mousse.
a little less dishwasher detergent.
a little less of whatever.

I figure for every time I use less ____________, all those little amounts I'm saving will end up adding up to a few more weeks of using that product before I have to buy more.

isn't it easy? easy is good.

I'm going to make a blog post telling "all" my readers (ha ha..) about my friends who make or sell products. I think networking is so important for home based businesses or direct sales, so I want to do my part. If you make or sell something and would like to be on my "list," email me at and give me the info you want posted. Hopefully we can all use each other to get some shopping done for Christmas and spread the word about our businesses!


Melinda said...

a) I believe it's Spano
b) I appreciate the idea of using a little less of ___________
c) I will be emailing you. :)

Ridenour Ranch said...

I love reading your blog Andrea! And what a good idea. Do you make those cute flower hats? They are adorable...makes me wish I had a little girl!

Teresa said...

d) all of the above (with what Mel said)

Jessica Turner said...

you won the mabels labels giveaway! Email me your address and details. :) Congrats.

Anonymous said...

hmmm...are you Jessie because you're busy or have you taken too many energy pills? Anne