Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You've GOT to try this!

So, let's just say that your wonderful husband was being super helpful the other day and got your baby girl's lunch ready. And let's just say that you suggested maybe adding some baked beans to the veggies to add a little protein. And then let's just say that he added them before putting the cup in the microwave, not after, like YOU usually do. Let's just say that the beans totally exploded all over the microwave (which I'm sure was just sparkling clean before that happened). :) And let's just say that life is busy, and it just got left there. for a long time. days, in fact.

That's just what I'm SAYING. It may or may not be what really happened.

And crusty exploded beans are quite hard to scrape out of the microwave.

But then I remembered reading through a free Martha Stewart Living magazine a couple weeks ago. and I think that's where I read something about putting lemons in the microwave to clean it. I didn't remember the exact article or the instructions or anything. So I just cut up a lemon, put it on a plate, and added a little water to the plate and cooked it for a few minutes. And sure enough, the beans and other such baked on grossness wiped right off!

And now it really is sparkling clean! :)

just thought you might like to know! (although I'm sure YOUR microwave is never gross) :)


Renee said...

that is such a great thing to know! I always feel like putting cleaning products in there is going to make us sick.. or get cancer.. or develop some other sort of incurable condition. thanks!! :)

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

I put half a lemon in a bowl full of water and it does the same thing. It's amazing! And your house smells all lemony afterwards!

Melinda said...

I heard that vinegar and water does the same thing if you microwave it, for those of us who don't make enough fresh squeezed lemonade to have lemons on hand.

angela said...

what i can't figure out is when in the world in the midst of holding down 1 house, running 2 businesses, and caring for 3 kids you found time to READ MARTHA STEWART LIVING MAGAZINE?!?!? I have way more things to learn from you than how to clean a microwave, though that is helpful too.

joel said...

I've been meaning to buy a microwaveable gadget that eventually explodes cleaner all over your mic to make stuff wipe off. But not anymore! Thanks!

angela said...

Now I, too, have a sparkling microwave...and my mother-in-law is not even coming to town. how about that!