Thursday, April 9, 2009


I put chapstick on my lips often.

I know I'm not alone. Millions of people put chapstick on numerous times a day, whether or not their lips are chapped. It's a habit.

And most of us just grab it out of our pockets and put it on absentmindedly, and then shove it back in our pocket.

And sometimes we leave it in our pocket too long, and it gets washed. If we are lucky, we find it in the bottom of the washing machine and stick it back in our pocket. If we aren't, we find the melted mess that was chap-stick, but is now just plain shine, in the dryer. And if we're sort of lucky, it only got on a few clothing items.

If it survives the washer, I still think it's okay to use. It might be a little "wetter" than usual, but still good. Some of you might be saying "duh, it IS wet. from the washer." And those of you who use it often and have the same problem as me are saying, "yeah. it IS just a little....wetter...." (Joel, you gotta be with me on this...) But eventually the wetness wears off and you can go about absentmindedly putting on your chapstick again.

But today my life is forever changed. I can only hope that I never do such a foolish act again. The absentminded application habit ALMOST caused me to put this on my lips. And if you would see it in person, those little mold things are like worms. And I could just imagine them multiplying and wiggling thier way off my lips and into my mouth and feel them in my stomach.... (that was for you Mel.) :)

For some miraculous reason, I took a quick peek at the stuff before I put it on today.

Apparently, all's NOT well, even if it does survive the washer.


Melinda said...

you've got it all need to imagine the worm things coming out of someone's SKIN!

Anonymous said...

Which reminds me, one of my students told me that her grandpa has bugs under his skin and the doctor had to cut them out. "But sometimes the bite him and crawl out of the hole they bite." And I think I went pale. And you would have passed out. As for you Andrea, that's disgusting. But thanks for sharing. I will always remember not to use your chapstick :) (or Josiahs)

Renee said...

OH MY YUCK. nice save.

joel said...

I'm so glad my dinner will be delivered in 20 minutes! And I'm totally with ya on the wet chapstick. And the hope or prayer that the melted chapstick only got on a few articles of clothing! Or that the spot is not going to be visible!