Monday, March 30, 2009

One Proud Mama

Hello all!

I know I have a few things to catch up on with this blog, but I wanted to share some video of my sweet girl's very first dance performance. :)

So here's a little of the story:

Melinda came up on Fri night to help me get ready for my vendor event for the pinkadink. I pulled my first ever (I'm pretty sure) all-nighter and have no idea where the time went. I don't think I EVER did that in college, and here I am a mom of three, staying up the WHOLE night. Mel stayed up with me, and then slept for a couple hours in the morning before we left. She was a wonderful help.

Saturday Mel and I worked the event while Steve handled all the kids, making sure Lillian got to her rehearsal, picking her up again, carting the kids around, cleaning the WHOLE kitchen (which was still a mess from supper the night before), and being superman. When we got back, we were DOG tired, and wanted to sleep. Maria and Tyler were going to be here soon with "baby Hazel" so Steve took the little kids to the grocery store to get some grillin stuff for supper. Mel and I zonked out while Maria and Tyler entertained Lillian I guess.

We got up, ate supper, put the kids to bed, and babysat Hazel while M&T went on a birthday date (happy birthday Maria!). After they got home we all pretty much went to bed. Oh! And somewhere in there Christa arrived too! I wasn't too tired to notice, but I was too tired to remember when it was. :)

So Sunday rolls around and Steve and I both teach sunday school. We get up pretty early thinking we have plenty of time to get everyone ready. nope. we were running way late, thought we were going to miss half our own Sunday school classes, but ended up getting there only about 10 minutes late. And somehow we don't have a speeding ticket from our trip there. amazing.

During church we had Maria, Tyler, Hazel, me, Steve, Lillian, Josiah, Brielle, Melinda, and Christa all in one row. I have no idea what the sermon was about except that it involved to weirdly named women who didn't get along. And if my pastor would ever read this, which I'm pretty sure he won't, I could not even feel bad for writing it. Because there's no way he doesn't know I was not paying attention. When you ahve that many people and kids in the second row, there's no hiding it.

After church we went to Red Robin for lunch. And then it was time for the performance...

Here are a couple short videos. Don't feel like you have to watch them all, but there are some aunties and uncles that didn't get to see the show, so they probably want to watch them all. (And...the song that she knew the BEST was on the video that's too big for blogger. So that's the one with the link to facebook.) For these videos, she kinda looks like she doesn't know what she's doing, but hey, she was definitely worshiping God. :)

For the one she knew really well, click here to see it on facebook (you might have to be my "friend" to see it. I can't figure out how to show everyone like I can do with the pictures)!

She was so fun to watch! I could tell she was really having fun, even if she was feeling a little insecure. :)

But the best part was at the end. After the group dance they all "followed the leader" and ran out the aisles to the back of the theater. And I saw Lillian get off the stage in the line, and then I scooted over to the aisle so I could give her a high five, but she never ran past me. So then all the big kids started running by me, and I had no idea where she was. So after they all passed, I quick stood up to see if she was still down by the stage. And there she was, all by herself, like the kid who doesn't know what to do after the children's sermon at church. Except this was a HUGE dark theater, and I could tell she was scared. So I stand up in the aisle and wave at her to come, and she spotted me.

Her face totally lit up, and she yelled "mommy!" and came RUNNING so fast to me with a HUGE smile on her face. And I started crying. It wasn't the first time I had cried that afternoon, but that last moment made me so proud. And I think I felt her fear when she didn't know where to go, so they were partly tears of relief when she found me too I think. :)

But it was a great day.

And I was one proud mama.


Angela Kim said...

awwww! Thanks for posting those! How I wish we could have seen it. Great job, Lillian. I hope we get to see another dance recital of yours! You were beautiful. Emo's proud of you. I can't wait to show Elliot when he wakes up...he's going to be copying you all day I think. :)

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

So cute!

I would have cried too!