Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the debt reduction diaries: kickinthepants

Remember like 2 weeks ago that I wrote that really nice upbeat post about how great it was to get through January and to have stuck with our budget and paid all our bills on time and all that wonderfulness?

well, then the next day was February, and for some reason, things went downhill.  like, way downhill.

first of all, that last day of Jan when we did our Feb budget meeting, it felt so good to figure out we'd be able to pay our bills on time again and without waiting for the next check like we were so used to doing.  in fact, it felt so good that I guess it also felt DONE, because the thought of actually PAYING the bills didn't cross my mind until the other day.

and on the 5th of the month we had a pinkadink photo shoot.  I had busted my stinking butt for that thing for WEEKS before.  I'm not even going to go into detail about it because you probably don't care, but when you bust your buns for something and then it's finally over, there's like a wave of "I can't do ANYTHING" that comes over you.  well, ME, anyway.

So since Feb 5th I've been fighting this HUGE lack of motivation!  it's taking me forever to get my orders done for some reason.  and I'm having to practically wrangle myself into the basement in order to do anything it seems!  ugh!

Plus I'm convinced that we're going to run out of grocery money this month.  it's not looking good.  and I'm already sick of the kids complaining about being hungry.  now listen here.  I'm pretty sure there's a difference between BORED and HUNGRY, and that my kids have not yet figured it out.  I realize that they are maybe not snacking as much as they used to, but they're eating plenty of food.

here's a good example.  I watched this video I saw on facebook about first world problems being read by third world people.  so, for instance, a little kid from Haiti saying something like "I hate it when my charger doesn't reach my bed" or something equally ridiculous that is totally a first world problem.  and I've been trying to use that idea with Lillian a little bit.  So, like, when she's almost in tears after school because I only let her have ONE snack instead of TWO snacks, and supper is on the stove.  So I try to encourage her to think about if the thing she's complaining about is really a problem, and what if she was telling this problem to a child in ________ who doesn't even get supper, let alone a snack.  She usually feels embarrassed and knows she shouldn't be complaining.

These are the types of situations that the kids are struggling with.  they want 2 snacks instead of one.  they want cereal (which NEVER fills them up anyway) instead of oatmeal.  They want to eat the whole bag of tortilla chips instead of making sure we save some for Thrusday nights for our rice and beans.

But the first month it was sorta fun, like a challenge!  and this month it makes me want to scream my brains out and get a big huge piece of plastic and put all the food they eat in a day onto it at once to show them that there's no way they're still hungry after eating all this healthy food.  They might not be filled-to-the-brim-gonna-puke FULL, but they are certainly not hungry.

(just so you know, if we DO run out of grocery money, we have some in our "summer fund" that we'll just use.  The kids will never be truly hungry from not having enough food.  I'm all about debt reduction, but I'm not about to watch my kids be hungry for real.  so no need to worry about our food situation.) :)

there are a bunch of other little things too that are just piling up in my mind.  I don't have time to elaborate, but we all have those things, don't we?  the tings we try to ignore but they just slowly gnaw at us and make us feel incompetent.  (or maybe not.  is it just me???)

I knew this day would come, where I'd be too overwhelmed, and too tired of it all.  I just didn't know it would happen in FEBRUARY.   seriously??

I think that maybe my all-knowing God knew that I was pretty proud of myself last month.  I felt like I could do it, instead of feeling like I CAN'T do it and He pulls me through.

so maybe that's what February is about.  How quick am I to think 'I've got this'?  how easy is it for me to say 'we rocked it' instead of being humble and bent over in thankfulness.  Of course I KNOW that God is the provider and I felt very aware of that last month, don't get me wrong.  But the 'highs' make it so easy to wander, if just a hair, away from that awareness.  the knowledge can still be there, but it's the AWARENESS that can waver.  and that wavering can stoop really quickly, can't it.  and maybe I just need this little kickinthepants.

So here I am with over 2 weeks left in the month, feeling like I'm in a "low," and needing to be rescued from my state of mind.

and hopefully this post can be the turning point.  hopefully just getting it all out of me can clear my mind and help me gear up for then next couple weeks.  and bring me back.  back to being aware of God's provision and protection.  Back to humility.  back to reaching and stretching with all my might to be near the feet of Jesus. back to peace, which He gives, if we ask.

all of you is more than enough for all of me
for every thirst and every need
you satisfy me with your love
and all I have in you is more than enough.


amy sterk said...

It isn't just you....when stress threatens to overwhelm, all the little things begin to grow and gang up on you! Pray and Trust...and keep reaching for the neve-ending Bread of Life. Also, just know, that my kids aren't satisfied with just one snack either...and teaching kids to fill up at meals instead of snacktime, is a valuable lifelong trait. You may not be popular in the house when you do that, but you are RIGHT! (and can someday tell them "I told you so"! and can even add in a "neener-neener-neener"!)

Katie said...

I have really been enjoying your posts. Thank you for being so transparent.

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