Thursday, November 15, 2012

tv talk.

I'm about to go to the basement and work on the 39 pinkadink orders that await me.  and I'll probably catch up on my tv shows that I've missed this week while I do it.  so, that means Nashville and Parenthood for today, and old episodes of Brothers and Sisters from Netflix when I'm done with those.

If you know me at all you probably know about my little obsession with Friday Night Lights.  it was the very best show ever created. (like, ever.  and yes, that was a Taylor Swift reference.  also love me some T.Swift)  And Parenthood is made by the same creators as Friday Night Lights.  or producers, or something.  so anyway they occasionally use the same actors, and sometimes even the same story lines.  (ok, and SORRY Adam and Kristina, but but Coach and Tami's "we just found out we're going to have a baby when we weren't expecting it" scene was about a million times better than yours.  and trust me I know because I watched them both in the same day, and they were almost identical, except for the clear winners.)  so anyway, I do love Parenthood, even though it's no FNL.

and now Nashville is with the same actress (Connie Britton) who played Tami Taylor on FNL.  So i've been WAITING for this show to air for a really freaking long time.  I just love love love her and I knew I'd still love her in whatever role she played, even if it wasn't Tami Taylor. (I'm not sure that I could say the same about Kyle Chandler (aka coach taylor) in other roles, such as the Grey's Anatomy bomb guy. He just didn't really do it for me.  It's really just the character of Coach that I love...I think).

ok, so if you don't watch these shows then you probably already quit reading.

back to the point: I love Connie Britton.

But here's the thing...I'm trying really really hard to love Nashville.  and it's hard for me.  I've probably told some of you that I DO love the show, and that was all part of my plan to see if saying it out loud would help me to love it.  and I'm not sure if it's working!!!!  and here's why:

1. Hayden Panettiere really bugs me.  I don't think she's that good of an actress.  She's just not believable enough for me.  I feel like in every real life person there has to be some qualities to like, and her character just really doesn't have ANY.  so I can't buy it.

2. I can totally tell that when the producers saw the Stella sisters, they wanted to NAB them right away before anyone else got their paws on them.  These girls are freaky talented.  now, do NOT get me wrong.  I am a HUGE fan of Lennon and Maisy Stella.  HUGE.  I like to think I was on the early end of loving them.  I'm even one of the millions that taught myself the little cup thing with "call your girlfriend" and might be responsible for at least a quarter of their bazillion youtube hits.  BUT... I feel like they don't really even have a "real" role in the show.  They just appear in random school talent show scenes and singing on the way to school and stuff, to showcase their talent.  But it's just a little too random for me.  and maybe forced.

3. ok the other thing is the role of the druggie mom.  i mean seriously.  I'm sure shooting those scenes are really easy because all they have to do is say "do the scene" and she yells out "my baaaaaby!  my BAAAABY!"  and then Hayden says, "somebody get my mama outta here" and then they say CUT!  great!  now change your clothes and do the SAME THING AGAIN (and again and again, but this time with a slap!) for the next episode!  so yeah, that bugs me.

4.  and also, the whole love triangle thing with the waitress/niece and her boyfriend and the song writer is not really going anywhere.  it's the same thing, every episode.  and I hate it when shows make me root for someone who's not in the relationship.  I hate wishing that she'd break up with the jerk and date the sweet guy, because I want to be rooting for them to just work on their relationship!  which is why I love that the Rayna's husband isn't that much of a jerk, because I'm still rooting for their marriage.  I mean, if she's already cheating on Eric Taylor, then I want her to stick with her new husband.  but speaking of that guy, if they were going to pick a political type of guy that they want me to root for, then they should have cast Rob Lowe as the husband because I just so happen to love Robert McAllister from Brothers and Sisters.

ok, so do you get my point?  There are just a few things that I'm trying not to let get in the way of my love for this show.  But I just can't help it that I want Connie Britton to have another rockin show because she's just so awesome.  I know that nothing will compare, ever, to Friday Night Lights, though, so I'll just keep rewatching it over and over and over again on netflix, even though Steve thinks I"m really weird for doing that.  But seriously, can you ever get enough of this?????

...I think not.

(please tell me there's at least ONE person who followed along with that whole post and has watched all the same shows???  anyone???)


Alyssa said...

I am WITH you, friend! (I totally agree about Hayden!) I am sticking with Nashville because there are some great backstories in there just waiting to be told (I can FEEL it)!

Sara Crane said...

Well, Parenthood is thee one and only tv show that I watch! I never ever sit down and I'm never up past 9:00pm (unless I'm scrapbooking somewhere) - so it's a stretch for me to fit in - but it's sooooo good. **I've never seen FNL - sorry :-(