Saturday, December 3, 2011

cultured kids

we do our best to raise cultured kids. kids who love Wicked and Cinderella. who love band competitions and movie theaters. who love Ben Folds and Selena Gomez. who know that Jesus is the reason for Christmas but also believe in Santa. (had to throw that in there.) ;) we're going for a balance here.

Tonight Lillian turned on our Christmas playlist and on came Louis Armstrong's "baby it's cold outside." I knew she loved the song, so I was quite confused when she quickly ran and changed the song.

"hey, what are you doing???"
"changing it. they were horrible. just HORRIBLE."

(minus one point for the cultured kids goal.) :(

"now, James Taylor? He's awesome!" and soon starts the James Taylor version of the same song.

(and for that, I give us back a half a point.) :)


theKband said...

I love that song..Have you heard She and Him sing it? Maybe Lillian would like that. ;)

Amy Sterk said...

You have a GIRL who knows her own likes and not easily swayed...and has a heart that is still open. Cherish those qualities, the tween/teenaged years are just around the corner! She's gonna need them!