Tuesday, August 30, 2011

on turning 30.

I finally made it. I'm 30.

I actually feel like this is the 'age decade' I've belonged in all my life. :) It's kind of a joke in my family that my childhood never really existed. I don't remember really playing anything when I was little, except school with M&M, and I was the teacher.

and in the home videos and such I'm just sort of non-existent. it's weird.

and in high school I didn't really do the normal rebellious things that high school kids did.

and in college I didn't do the things that normal college kids did, besides a few Perkins runs here and there.

and when I was 21 I was married. and when I was 23 I was a mom.

it all seems so weird now. I think I've spent most of my life in my 30s, and now I finally caught up with myself. :)

so that's why it feels good. I think I belong here. I'm much more comfortable being 30-something than a 20-something.

so yeah, the day was great. My friend Rachel was over for a while in the morning, and then she went out and got me chipotle for lunch, and burgers for the kids so that I didn't even have to cook the whole day! (I think she's my friend who knows me best because every time she does anything for me-which is OFTEN-it seems to be EXACTLY what I need/want.)

Then after lunch I took the kids to the park, and found three of my friends there with thier kids! I felt like it was a little surprise party for myself, since none of the friends really know each other well. I was the common link! It was so fun!

after that was naptime. I had to finish up some pinkadink items, but that was still fun!

Then Steve came home early (but had to lay down because of his big nasty headache). :(

Then I made my own birthday cake with the kids, because even though I don't like cake (unless it's Sara Crane Cakes or DQ ice cream cake) they really really wanted me to have a bday cake.

Then we went to get me some avacado egg rolls for supper (fave!) and some more diet coke, because happy birthday to me. :)

after supper the kids and steve decorated my cake, and then we ate it!

the crappy part of the day is that steve had to go back to work, and he just wasn't feeling well all day. so I feel like I barely even got to be with him, but such is life I guess. but instead I "hung out" with my sister in law for a while on face time (she lives in Honduras) and we just chatted the night away.

We always kind of say that as you get older birthdays are just sort of another day. But not today. it was special.

I just kept taking a bird's eye view of my life, and realizing how blessed I am. I had gotten cards and gifts in the mail all weekend. I got some ridiculous number (like, over 100) birthday greetings on facebook, which some people think is cheap and insincere, but I happen to love! I spent my day with my kids and my friends and my favorite foods. I'm blessed with a husband who, even though it really sucks that he works so stinking much, takes care of his family, and works hard at his job. lots of other guys would just be selfish and throw in the towel I think. but not my man. :)

God has BLESSED this undeserving mother/wife/friend.
for THIRTY years.


~cody said...

Love it! My husband has actually called me a prude before ("but not in a bad way, babe!" riiiight.) I would always ask my mom growing up what I had done as a kid that was funny or goofy and she could never think of anything. So I feel for you there. But I, too, am looking forward to being in the thirty club with you. And I've decided that my birthday will always be an exciting day for me. Even when I'm 73. Because I said so. :) Happy birthday!

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday Andrea!!! I'm not quite there yet, but I'll be joining you soon!

Alyssa said...

And you, friend, are a HUGE blessing to all of us. 30 fits you. It's kind of like coming home, right?!?! :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a happy 30th day and got to do things you enjoy. I thought of you and Ang on your birthday, but I'm not a very good aunt who sends cards:( Love you..

Teresa said...

Welcome to the decade you belong in!! So happy it was a special day for you. Where do you get your avocado egg rolls?