Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Occasionally I'll run into someone out of the blue who I don't know all that well and they'll tell me that they read my blog. it's funny to me that people from many walks of life get a glimpse of what goes on in this household. my household.

I try very hard to be myself here. and to not make myself look like a super mom, or someone who has it all together. because I DON'T. and people who know me well probably know that. :) but I have to wonder about the people who don't know me well. what do they think when they read this blog? of course I don't have time to dwell on that, but occasionally I just wonder. I just HAVE to make sure that they don't feel how I feel when i read other people's blogs and wonder (but it's more than wondering, it's more like coveting) how they manage a household, and a business, and their family, and just their BRAINS! my brain is so scattery.

so I just have to tell you about yesterday. it was one of those days I just had to laugh at myself. so just in case there are any more scatterbrains out there, this should make you feel a bit better.

Ok, so for the summer, my daycare baby (who's not really a baby anymore, but I still call her my daycare baby) is home with her mama, so our lives look a bit different. I actually made a SCHEDULE for our home, which is first of all, a miracle, and secondly, something that I will share in another post. Ok, so daycare baby is home. BUT, I committed to watching our sweet little neighbor boy only two days a week, one of them being Mondays, which was yesterday.

So I get myself up early on purpose to clean the house a little bit since his mom will see it. :) and I'm feeling pretty good that I got a load of dishes in the dishwasher (nevermind the TWO sinkfulls that still sat there dirty) and a load of laundry in the wash (nevermind that it was a re-wash of a load from the day before which sat in the washer all day because I'm...scatterbrained).

I think I even got clothes on one kid before 9:00 (which is when we get dressed, according to the schedule). :) I was on the ball, let me tell you.

Then the neighbor boy shows up and we head outside to water the garden and the front plants and flowers, and fill the pool so we can actually swim in it later that afternoon without turning into hose-water icicles.

Then neighbor boy poos his pants so we head inside to change him. It's 9:15 and since we were filling up the pool I started thinking about when we are going to get Lillian in swimming lessons and the fact that she really wants to stay in OC for two weeks and do them there (although she thinks that means Beso will teach her, which is quite the misunderstanding). There's only one session that would work for her because she has book club during the first session and my dad's wedding and our vacation for the second session and...


it dawned on me in that very poop-wiping moment that book club started that day. at 9.

So I turn my crazy on and start barking commands (happy ones!) for everyone to find some clothes and get in the van. Josiah had decided that yesterday was a good day for him to dress himself, thankfully, because most days aren't. And Lillian caught on to the hurry part, and within 5 minutes we were all dressed and in the van. skills I tell you. skills.

So we FLY to the school, and get there like 30 minutes after it started, but we got her there anyway. and on our way out of the school Josiah says, "mom, I think our pool is overflowing!" and I say

(again. I have to stop saying that phrase.)

so we race home and I RUN to the back and trudge through the soggy back yard and turn the water off. Then I go back to the van to get the kids and realize that we had left our door wide open when we left in our "skillful" departure!

and by open I don't mean unlocked.

by OPEN, I mean, wide open. like, the heavy door was open as far as it could go. and the screen door was stuck open. you know, like when you prop it open to haul in groceries and stuff. wide open. we don't leave our car doors unlocked or they steal our GPSs out of our them. (grrr..) and I left our house wide open. a free for all for any pinkadink lovers or just people who like our cheap-but-still-has-the-look-we-want taste.

ok, so anyway, it was like 9:35 in the morning and I had already had 4 major scatter-brain moments. the laundry, book club, the pool, and the doors. and those are just the major ones. I don't even share the million scattery things that happen each and every day. because I'm sure you'd all plan an intervention of some sort. I'm surprised Steve hasn't yet, after loving me for 13.5 years. that's a lot of tolerance, people.

but I'll have you know that I spent the entire afternoon outside lounging in the sun, which was the perfect cure, except for wishing my scatter-brained self hadn't 'forgotten' to go the the gym so many times. :)


Robyn said...

Matt makes fun of me because we have to turn around almost EVERY time we leave the house because I forget _____ (bottle, purse, sunglasses...you name it). And I also came home from work one day to our condo and the garage door was WIDE open as was the door into our house from the garage.............Being the genius I am, I grabbed a hot dog roaster as my weapon of choice and headed in! Amazingly....nothing was touched. Now I'm super anal about locking the doors every night! Right there with ya'...totally scatterbrained!!! :)

Alyssa said...

That was hysterical! Thank you SO much for making me laugh today! (I needed it -- poor Matt is going to come home from Walthill to find out that the van needs a new transmission. And the house needs a new air conditioner. GULP.) So you made me smile, and I haven't been doing a lot of that today. THANKS! :) And sometime I'll have to tell you about the time I got locked out of the house with the kids inside. It's a classic!

theKband said...

Loved this post. Amazing.

Crisinda said...

You crack me up!!! I don't think there's anyone out there that can't relate to this post in some way! :)

Ridenour Ranch said...

This is a great post Andrea! I laughed out loud! And I can totally relate to the scatterbrained thing!