Thursday, May 5, 2011

all i want for chrithmath...

seriously, we sing that song a million times every day. and we watch Melissa Lynn sing a lovely rendition of it a million times every day too. it makes for lots of singing about two front teeth in a day. But at least Melissa Lynn (or her parents anyway) get the point of the song, which is more than I can say for some other versions of it on youtube where the kids don't even mispronounce the words, which is the whole point of the song.


this is why we've been singing about missing front teeth.

this is what Lillian looked like on Easter.

this is what Lillian looked like a few days after that.

oh wait...wrong picture. oh, and I guess Mater has two teeth, but you get the point. hillbilly.


ah, that cracks me up.

ok, so this is what she really looked like when I wasn't telling her to give me her hillbilly face.

and this is what she looked like a few days after THAT.

My little girl went from 2 to 0 front teeth in a matter of like two days. I realize that it's probably normal, but it's my frist time, and I'm really really sad about it. I mean, she looks adorable with no teeth, and I love watching her talk. :) But I know that pretty soon her big huge teeth are going to come in because she's half Smits and most of us have big huge teeth. And when it happens she's going to look so old. But to me she's still my baby. So i know I won't be able to help but wonder why my baby has huge teeth.

Everyone with older kids is probably reading this and saying "oh, I remember that..." just like I now do with stories of pregnancies. But when you're living it, it's so strong. It's so emotional. call me crazy, go a head. it's just teeth. BUT IT'S NOT. it's childhood. and it's flying by.


Morgan said...

That reminded me of the time I had a loose tooth at your house, and I remember our mom's sitting and talking (I think in the living room). I went and showed them my loose tooth and your mom said something about how it was ready to come out so she grabbed a paper towel and ripped it out:) They laughed and we went to play outside.

Rachel said...

I TOTALLY know what you mean. I never thought losing teeth was a big deal...until Hannah lost her first one and it was SUCH a big deal!

Bobby Schaeffer said...

My son lost his first tooth in an accident when he was nine. He got over it pretty quickly, though. The permanent teeth started growing only a few days later. My dentist said that's quite normal.