Sunday, April 10, 2011

not invited... :(

it happened. I knew it would some day. and it did. on Friday.

I was putting the girls to bed and Lillian was pretty whiny and very tired and overwhelmed (we had some friends over). But in ONE moment her tears went from whiny and tired to S.A.D. like, really sad. So I asked her what in the world happened and she said the words I'm sure I'll hear a million more times in my life, and I'm sure it'll never get easier.

"it's Aashi. She's having a birthday party and Madison, Roxi, Fatima, and Erica all get to go and I don't. and I don't understand why she wouldn't invite me! we're like, almost best friends!"

and I try to blame it on the mom who did the same thing I do and only allowed her to pick FOUR friends. it's the mom's fault, honey.

but of course it's not. the girl still chose four other girls and not Lillian. and my poor sweet girl doesn't know why.

but this is what i LOVE about that girl...

She suddenly got a BRILLIANT idea, and told me that she could use her allowance to buy Aashi a present! (allowance is a new thing here, so that's why she thought it was so great. she's never had her own money before.) All the hurt, and she still wants Aashi to have a present from her (and NOT a pinkadink present by the way. she hates giving pinkadink presents).

and then, tonight, she prayed that all five girls would have a wonderful time at the part on the 29th. And listed them by name. She really wants them to have a good time even though she won't be there.

I made sure not to make a HUGE deal about her prayer, because I never want my kids to think there are "good prayers" and "bad prayers." but I will be sure to tell her how proud I am of her tomorrow. because it can't be EASY, even if it's natural.

heart of gold, I tell ya. Heart of gold.


Anonymous said...

You are one awesome mommy! Only kids with awesome parents have prayers and thoughts like that. You are definitely doing something right! :)

Angela Kim said...

holy cow. i'm crying. i think it is absolutely amazing that she responded like that. what a beautiful child. and what evidence of Jesus in her.