Friday, December 10, 2010

dyslexia in my ears or something... I've clearly been busy and neglecting the blog, but I just have to share this story:

On Wed night we were on our way to Kids Club at church, and I hear Lillian ask from way in the back seat of the van, "Mom? How can you tell if God is a boy or a girl?"

and I think oh gosh...another doozie of a question from Miss Lillian. and this setting, me driving on 680, her in the back seat, is not exactly the type of setting I imagine us having conversations about God in. But anyway, she asked.

"well, honey, that's kind of a hard question. We don't really know if God is a boy or a girl because he's not a human. We often think of him as a man because he calls himself our Father, but blah blah blah blah blah..."

"I thought you said something one time about how you can tell by how they go to the bathroom."

"um...well...that only works for humans. God isn't a human so he doesn't have private parts like humans do, and blah blah blah some more."

"ah....MOM? I'm talking about DOGS."

"WHAT? OH! yeah, boy dogs lift their legs to pee and girl dogs put thier bottoms by the ground."

and done. easy question. :)


Alyssa said...

TOO FUNNY! (And why is it, without fail, that those tough questions about God and all other "tough" subjects where you want face-to-face conversations and eye-contact, ALWAYS occur in the comfort of a moving vehicle that you are no doubt driving?!?!)

Ridenour Ranch said...

Very funny and well-written! I laughed out loud!