Wednesday, October 13, 2010

holy moly...that was an event

you have no idea by looking at THIS...

how traumatizing tonight was for this girl.

see the hair? that's clearly the result of a major event. Remember her kindergarten shots? (well, maybe you don't, because it just might be on my list of things for my REWIND series...) anyway, I had to pin her down and lay on her so the nurse could give her shots.

Well, tonight was pretty close to that. Not quite so bad, but bad enough that I had two choices: laugh at her or cry with her. I chose to laugh, but the poor girl was scared to death. She did NOT want us getting that tooth out. the one that's been loose for like 6 weeks or so. But when I saw that the SHARP part on the bottom was sticking out and cutting her gums open because she refused to let us touch it and just let it dangle out the front of her gums like that????? something had to be done.

so I told her I didn't want her to go to bed and swallow it and have it cut up her tummy like it cut up her gums. what...not like YOU'VE never used scare tactics before! ok, well, the only thing was that she didn't care. She just did NOT want to have her arms pinned down by Daddy. So after like 3o minutes of d.r.a.m.a.... I lied. I told her I wasn't going to pull it. and then I did.

and she was thrilled! so much so that she wanted to ask the tooth fairy if she could keep it. (for the sake of time I wrote out what she said and let her sign her name. because GOOD GRIEF, it should not have taken that long in the first place.)

So Lillian, my dear, good job for being brave even when you didn't want to. I'm proud of you, and so thankful that you didn't make us lay on you again.

and so begins the seemingly never-ending phase of really awkward teeth...


Alyssa said...

Lillian and Samantha must have swapped notes about how they handle pain/fear! (When I was pregnant with Easton -- like 7 months -- Samantha had pink eye. I literally had to call my mom to come over and lay on Samantha and hold her arms down while I put eye drops in her eyes twice a day.) Glad it's over and the tooth is out and everyone can sleep!!!

Elder Family said...

Oh my, that was an event. It sound very similar to us cutting Noah's hair.