Saturday, March 27, 2010

the shakes are GONE?????

My friend Rachel posted a recipe for really healthy shakes the other day on her blog, and I thought I'd give them a try.

Every year when spring comes, I get super excited for my garden, and then I realize how long it will actually be before I get any produce, so I go into this mode. I start craving veggies like nobody's business and I head off to the store and fill up the cart with lots of good stuff. And then I freak out because it all costs so much, and I know that soon my garden will give me produce for pennies.

but anyway, this recipe was perfect in the midst of my veggie-craving madness.

here's what to do:

fill up the blender with as many spinach leaves as you can.
cram some frozen strawberries in there too.
add a cup of apple juice.
blend it up.
give to your kids.
watch as they enjoy MOSTLY spinach. :)

Rachel talks about possibly not telling your kids what they're actually eating/drinking, so they don't assume it'll be nasty. But I'm trying to show my kids that healthy food is actually really good. so they knew full well what was going into it. in fact, they are the ones that put it in the blender. But I also use spinach regularly, so they weren't too scared of it. BUT, if your kids are, then maybe let them taste how great it is before you tell them what's in it. and then later you can tell them, and they'll have a positive association with spinach. and you can go from there. :)

anyway, had to share, since after supper last night everyone was like WHAT???? THE SHAKES ARE GONE???? and first thing this morning Josiah said "mom, I think we should make some more shakes."

and, I didn't feel like AS bad of a parent when I served spinach shakes with the hot dogs. :)

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