Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Halloween....a little late.

So, "someday" has come, and here's my Halloween post. :)

This year was really fun for Halloween. We were acutally in Orange City, so we just all jumped in the van to hit all the friends and family we could. As far as costumes go...

Lillian decided long ago that she wanted to be Elphaba. And while I loved the idea, I had no clue how I was going to find everything. BUT...after a few trips to the thrift store, and two different wigs from walmart, we scored. :) The only major issue I had was finding green face paint. I mean seriously, how many witch costumes do the sell at Walmart? the answer is close to a million. But the only face paint I could find was like, little tiny kits, to make little tiny scary things on your face. Definitely nothing to cover her whole face. But my mother in law found a recipe for homemade face paint.

On Friday she had her preschool Halloween party. They requested "friendly" costumes, so I was a little concerned about her showing up as a witch. I told her we might have to find a different costume for preschool. That's when she informed me that she had already discussed it with the teacher and the Auntie Anne's pretzel lady on pretzel day. She told them that Elphaba was not really scary, and that she just tries to help the animals, so she wouldn't be scary. The pretzel lady, I'm sure, got a total kick out of it, because apparently the two of them had a lengthy discussion about WICKED. :)

So on Friday while I was trying to do Lillian's makeup, it kind of kept soaking into her skin. it was a little strange, but in the end, she had a nice even greenish tint to her skin. Perfect. See?

oh, but couldn't even tell in the pictures! So then I decided that just for the scrapbook's sake, I'd picnik a few, just to give her the right look. And THAT really was perfect. see?

Oh, she was so cute. When we got to school, she was DELIGHTED to find her friend Alyssa dressed as a princess! She begged her to please be Glinda, instead of a princess, but of course Alyssa had no idea what that even meant, and insisted on being a princess. Lillian was HEARTBROKEN. (I told her that she could still pretend that Alyssa was Glinda, even though Alyssa thought she was a princess.) :)

Here they are: Elphaba and Glinda

So after school on Friday, we all headed up to Orange City. On Saturday we got the other kids dressed too, and all went trick-or-treating. While I was applying Lillian's makeup THIS time, Carla suggested I use a little makeup brush or something to get more paint on her skin, and to spread it out a little more (it was really clumpy because I hadn't used a lot of extra water like I had the day before). So we did that. And oh my. She looked like Elphaba the leper, with nasty, green, clumpy, disgusting skin.

and that's something that even picnik couldn't fix. :) So I apologize for the freaky looking skin for the rest of these pictures. Just pretend it looks like it did on Friday. :)

Josiah's costume was a frog, and good grief, have you ever seen a cuter little froggy?

Brielle got to use the costume that my mom made when Lillian was a year old. So that was really special. and she loved it.

We got to go with sweet pea Hazel too. Brielle was kinda the odd one out with no green...

And just for kicks, here are a few more photos, because that's the best part of Halloween (besides the candy of course, but the pictures last much longer, especially in this house!!!). :)


Liz said...

andrea - this is such an adorable blog post. you are such a fun mom!

Anonymous said...

Besides the scary clouds that night, it was really fun :)


Carmen said...

I think it's great that Lillian knows who Elphaba is and funny that she get upset at other preschoolers who aren't familiar with Wicked.