Sunday, July 26, 2009

craigslist woes

So, we've been very busy these last few weeks, traveling all over the place, sometimes together, sometimes apart. And this weekend, we got to be HOME.

Friday night we put the kids to bed and just wanted to hang out together. So what would be better than watching crap tv and falling alseep on the couch???? well, lots of things. But that's what we ended up doing.

So Saturday held lots of promises for us. Get lots done. Have fun just being home. Get lots done.

Rewind a few days.....
On Monday, I was checking craigslist looking for a cheap washer and dryer set. Colin and Corinne's set that we've been using is puttering out. The dryer takes about a whole day to dry one load. And if you're anywhere in the house, you might need earplugs while it works on that one load for the whole day. It's crazy loud and clonky. So I thought, well, by the time we get someone over here and pay them to see what's wrong, even if it's an EASY and CHEAP fix, the total would probably be more than 100 bucks. So when I found a set on craigslist for 100 bucks, I contacted the lady to ask how old they are. She said 4 years old and they work great. I didn't care much what they look like, so I told her we'd take them and asked when we could get them. She siad she'd be home from work at 4 and I could call her. Well, I wasn't home at 4. I got home at like 5:30, but Steve wasn't home yet. He came home for like ten minutes to eat, and by the time he got back and I could ask him when he could get the washer and dryer, it was about 9. So I called the lady.

"Hi. Is Tina there?"
"May I ask who's calling?"
"Andrea Hydeen. I've been in touch with her over email about the washer and dryer."
"Oh, sorry, hon. She sold them this afternoon."
"Yep, she did. To me, actually. So I was calling about picking them up."
"ahhh, no. They're gone. She sold them to someone else."
"OOOooookay, then. Bye."

oh, and you're a JERK!

So that was bad craigslist experience #1.

Fast forward again to Saturday. Remember? Big plans: get stuff done, etc.

So Saturday morning I hop on craigslist again to see what kind of bargain I can find. I email a lady asking 300 and ask if she'll take 200. She says she'll take 250, no less. I keep looking. I find another set for $100. I'm pumped!!!

Here's the ad (copied and pasted directly):

Washer & Dryer 4 sale - $100 (metro)
Upgreated so I need to get rid of them. A little wear n tear but they both run great. They are whirlpool and waiting for their new home. Email me or call (402)xxx-4201 or (402) xxx-0482 leave a message if no answere.

Okay, so I realize that I should have known by the word "upgreated" that I was in for it. But after getting burned on Monday, I didn't want to lose this deal. For some reason, I can't copy the picture of the washer and dryer, but they looked alright. All white, major gash on upper right corner of the dryer. Nothing too terrible. For 100 bucks, I could handle it.

So I call the number and talk to a guy. He says he's had lots of messages about them, but no one has come to get them yet. He can meet me there if I want. Right then. So I tell Steve as he crawls out of bed to get dressed and go get them!

When Steve comes back I head out there to see. He makes some comment about the smell, and when I see them I say, "That's not the set from the ad. That's not it." So Steve gets totally annoyed, and rightfully so. I never showed him the picture or anything, so he didn't know what he was supposed to get. He thought he was doing what I wanted. So I call the guy and tell him. He says, "oh, well, I'm almost to my girlfirends house, so hold on. I'll ask her. We clean out houses so she may have added another set that I didn't know about."

and sure enough. that's what happened. this point I think "oh crap. she lied. this isn't from an upgrade, it's someone's junk." But I figured since the guy already had our money, we have to just trade them and be stuck with what we get."

He tells me to call his girlfriend back after he pays the bill and gets her phone back on. great.

a quick summary of the next many hours:

So I call her, no answer. He calls ME. I say her phone is still off. I call her back later. She answers. I make sure that Steve will come home this time with the ones on the craigslist ad. she says yes ma'm. Steve goes to switch them. Steve comes back. We unload. They smell bad. I clean them. I keep cleaning them, just to get it in my head that even though they look a little iffy, they are really clean. We hook them up. This takes a freaking long time. and guess what.....

THEY DON'T WORK! (how'd you know???) :)

oh, and they are NOT whirpool either, like the add said.

Okay, so I'm ticked. I call the lady back and she acts all confused and says, "Let me call my man. Let me call my man."

And that's the last I heard. You better believe she'll hear from me tomorrow. I gave her a day off to take care of it. So tomorrow means business. If this is something that they do often (selling these sets from houses they clean) then they probably don't want a warning posted on craigslist about thier phone numbers and DISHONEST ads. Hopefully they'll give us our money back. I am 100% sure they won't. But I still want them to know I"m so mad.

so THEN I called the lady with the great set for 250, and tell her we want to come and see them. We ALL head over there, bc I don't want to get screwed again. They are only a year and a half old and they work perfectly. She ran each of them for me to see that they work. And she had them in her house, in her laundry room, so I knew they were really hers. And just as I"m about to agree to buy them, I turn around and see a CAT. Lillian is allergic to cats, so I tell her I really want to buy hers, but we can't bring something into our house that could possibly have cat dander and hair in it. I"m SO bummed. and more time wasted on a freaking washer and dryer. ugh...

so NOW, here are our options:

fix the dryer we have, but we aren't sure we want to put money into something that's been slowly dying for the year and a half we've lived here, and then still have an old set when we're done and it will probably still be crazy loud.

buy a brand new set ($600 (for the cheapest set) we DON'T want to spend right as we're trying to buy a house and have other expenses)

buy a "good" set off craigslist (most poeple are honest, and we could get a $1200 set for $500 or less, for example. but then do we risk wasting another 500 bucks? Wouldn't it be better to spend $600 on a brand new set? but then it's a $600 set, not the quality of a $1200 set. but we're a little skeptical of craigslist right now, even though we've had other very successful purchases off there.)

buy a "crappy" set, or just a dryer off craigslist (but if we get a dryer for 50 bucks and it doesn't work, then we're still out another 50 bucks and back to square one. but if it WORKS, then it's a great bargain!)

see the dilemma????

advice is welcome.


Anonymous said...

I say be good to the earth and just line dry your clothes. and heck, once the washer doesn't work, just throw the clothes in the tub with the kids at night and they'll be good to go the next day.



Rachel said...

that really stinks!!! I am so mad at that lady!

Joel said...

I've been thinking about a Craigslist washer and dryer, too! But that definitely makes me leary. Sorry to hear of your bad luck.

I'd threaten them with contacting your state Attorney General. Part of their job is to protect the consumer.

Corinne Doughan said...

Grrrrr! I'd be ticked too! I feel bad that our washer and dryer broke on you.

Anonymous said...

My advice is to try find a set back here off of "Swap Shop" and then we'd deliver it to Omaha for you!


theKband said...

We had to buy a new washer today because it finally puttered out. I feel for you....

The Baby Makes 4 said...

Hang in there. I would still try to buy on craigslist b/c you will eventually find a nice set for cheaper than new. Think of these negative experiences as God directing you to the right person to buy from. If you have time then I would say keep shopping to see what gets posted. Look in more rural areas near you. You might find something. Keep us posted!